Monday, 28 May 2012

What a week ...

I can honestly say I am glad to see the back of last week. It was truly awful and if the norovirus or any other virus dare show its face I will not be held responsible for my actions. STAY AWAY GERMS.

Matthew turned 8 on Saturday. I cannot believe how fast the 8 years have gone. It doesnt seem 2mins since he was the tiny premmy baby with tubes in neonatal special care (or since I couldnt sit down for nearly a week following the god awful delivery I endured) I can still hear my loving sister demand 'for gods sake sit up and open your present' some few hours after Matthew was born.
Matthew soon caught up and he's now a tall long legged skinny bony lanky lad.

Harry is too catching up a little, he's loving pulling himself onto his feet and I think he's grown a smidge as the 6-9m clothes are looking a little snug. He gave us a fright before, he has a habit of sitting forward in his chair/pram and crashing backwards banging his head. Why? I have no idea but today he was strapped in the buggy to keep him safe whilst I sorted tea. William was strapped in the highchair to keep him out of mischief when I heard a loud thud then screaming. I ran into the lounge and Harry had managed to tip the pram over backwards. Daddy paramedic checked him and he seemed unhurt, probably shock of going down or he'd really banged his head but it certainly gave us a fright. Don't think we'll be putting him in there again to keep him safe lol

As promised I have got a few updated photos of him, enjoy xx