Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Tooth fairy

Matthew lost one of his top front teeth last week, and has a few more wobbling, and he seemed to forget all about the tooth fairy.
William obviously had other ideas, (and watch out David Beckham) he lined up the ball in the hall, ran and kicked it, right into Matthew's face!. Result, one loose bottom tooth now out, and in Matthew's words between sobs, 'I'm bleeding to death'.

Quick reassurance that because your mouth is wet, it seems that there is more blood than there is and that tooth was ready to come out anyway. A quick reiteration that we do not kick balls in the house but he was really upset, until he remembered he now has 2 teeth for the tooth fairy. Thanks a bunch William!

On a funny note, and I apologise to those who have limbs missing through birth, accident or otherwise as I mean no offence and its one of those 'what kids say things' but as I was driving into town to meet my lovely sister Rachel I spotted a gentleman on the pavement in a wheelchair. As I passed and glanced in my rear view mirror I noticed his legs were absent. Now hawk-eye Madeleine had obviously spotted him too and she piped up 'aw that poor man' so I asked why was he a poor man and she replied 'there's no one to push him so he's stuck'. No darling he'll be able to wheel himself using his arms. 'but he's got no legs, why's he got no legs'
So I proceeded to explain in a kid understandable way that some people have accidents, or sometimes they're born that way.
Matthew 'oh like the girl off Ceebeebies', yes exactly. Sometimes you can be born with just one arm or leg.
Matthew 'if you've only got one leg, what happens when you get tired of hopping, you can't put your other foot down so you'll just fall over (demonstrating this in the car)
If you only had one leg you would probably have crutches, you wouldnt hop all the time, and as Matthew replied 'I was just saying' Now I wouldnt condone this, but the way he said it made me laugh, to the point I thought I would have to pull over (and I sincerely apologise for laughing, I was not laughing at people with disabilities, just at my child)

Harry now says 'ta' when you give him something, usually edible. Its so cute. He's trying to get to his feet at any opportunity he can get. Belted pants are now a must for anyone, as his vice-like grip would pull anything else down, as William has already found out. His physio is back on Tuesday, am sure she will be pleased.

William is still doing really well, daddy almost cracked as William with outstretched arms on his way to the stairs demanded a snuggy with tears starting. '2 mins on my knee' said daddy, 'up to bed' said mummy and up he went. He lay down and in the cutest heart melting way said night night mummy and after 5mins of chattering all went quiet. He's done really well, am really proud of him. A quick reprimand to daddy for nearly giving in. He's way too soft to the point if the kids want anything, they just usually go straight to him, a bit like we did when we were little har har

Oh well, a lovely stay at home sunday with daddy at work day today, lots of playtime and ironing will feature, and the bonus of not having to get up for the school run in the morning. Typical its a bank holiday as the weather has been forecast as rain and more rain, catch you all later xx

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