Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sick of sick

I am officially sick of sick.
One by one my little ones have sucuumbed to the awful vomiting bug (with me having a go too) and I am at my wits end. My washing machine is at its wits end and thank god the sun is shining cos my tumble drier is broken, it probably had a vision the bug was coming and shut itself down!

Harry is suffering, he was sick on Tuesday, and seemed to be a bit better by wednesday, taking a couple of small bottles of milk. With daddy away on a boys camping trip, I decided to treat myself to a fresh line dried bed. Having had a rubbish sleep the night before with all of us (except daddy) ending up on the sofas I was looking forward to a blissful nights sleep.

Harry had other ideas, and at midnight bang on was sick, so full clothes and change, a quick cuddle and I dived back into bed. 20mins later I was again treated to the sound of child throwing up, great. Repeat of the change situation a longer cuddle and back into bed.
Third time (and I was a tad peeved now, not at poor Harry who was obviously a bit distressed now, but at the sodding virus that dare sneak into my house and infiltrate my children) and once complete change of everything was done Harry now didnt want to go back to bed. He was crying and knowing he would wake up the others I sat and cuddled him. Now despite the nice weather, it is still freezing at 2am, so I swathed my bed in towels and snuggled him in, preparing to be covered in sick which thankfully didnt happen and we enjoyed a couple of hours snuggle.

He kept hold of the 4th vomit til 10am!!

The other 3 have all asked for food as normal and showing no signs of relapse hooray, but poor Harry is refusing water had a little milk and looks unbelievably sad. The last time I saw him looking this sad was when he was really poorly with septicaemia.
This bug better vamoosh and quickly.

Must add a sad footnote and ask you to think of Niamh Curry's family at this awful sad and tragic time. Niamh had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and sadly she relapsed in November 2011. Her family were desperatly trying to raise the £450k to send her to the USA for treatment (which is not available in the UK nor is funded by our marvellous government) but sadly a few days ago Niamh lost her fight.She is now a beautiful angel who has touched the hearts of thousands on twitter and facebook.

This is another child who was sentenced to die by our government. If the only lifesaving treatment is in another country then they should pay for it. They spend enough money on sending aid abroad (now I am no way saying I do not agree with this or that the poor countries shouldnt be helped so don't shout me down) but when children of our own country need help surely they should take priority. It makes me soo angry.

World Retinoblastoma Awareness week was a success and if any child can be helped from it then all the better. I suppose I should be thankful Harry has one of the most treatable forms of childhood cancer, but it doesnt escape the noose he has round his neck for avoiding secondary cancers, I would love to strip him down to vest and nappy and let him kick his legs in the sun, but we've been told he has to avoid the sun, skin cancer is one that he could get. I really hate cancer.

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