Sunday, 20 May 2012

Go Harry!!

Firstly OMG there have been close to 10k page views of my ramblings, I bet if cuteypie Harry wasnt in them no-one would bother to look lol

Well, sorry for the lateness of this blog. Just thought I'd drop by and fill you in on Harry's latest visit to Birmingham.

Thursday dawned fine, and believe it or not the taxi was bang on time. We had a good run down and made it in 2hrs, thanks to a clear M6 and the drivers lead heavy right foot.

The hotel yet again had a bed made up for Harry, but this time they just swapped it for a cot.

One which Harry wasnt too impressed with, and I'm certain he knows fine well where he is as he point blank refuses to go to sleep. He grunted and groaned and after much effort managed to get his little fingers over the side and then in a grab and pull move he was on his feet. I took a quick snap and apologies for the poor quality, but his grumpy face was just too cute.

We had lots of snuggles before he finally drifted off to sleep.

We went across for 8am, as we are instructed to and the list is usually done in age order, youngest goes first. Now I knew the day would come when Harry would have to give up first place, and this time there were twins 2mths younger, so they went first. Great Harry would be next, now he was really grumpy as he was obviously missing his brekky. But no, 3yr old went next as they had a flight to scotland (get a later flight grr) and between this at half ten a couple wandered in with an 8wk old. Now tragic as it it that this little baby was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, but if they were being added to the list at a late point, surely they should go last. But no, we will fit you in and in before Harry he went. Harry finally made it to theatre at lunchtime. He was pissed off, I was pissed off and I bet the rest of the room was pissed of as I couldnt stop him shouting and screaming. I couldnt go out as he'd already been made ready, so tough.

I went for a coffee and 20mins later I came back, Harry's in recovery I was told. Now you can take the quickness of his EUA either way, he's not had any treatment cos there's nothing new or he cant have any treatment cos its too big to treat.

His consultant came and found me and dared comment, I've already looked for you once. Excuse me but I've been stuck here since 8am, Harry has been shunted down the list and I needed a drink. But FABULOSO Harry has nothing new in either eye this time. Its so lovely to hear this. Back in 4wks again.

I met the new RB secretary who starts on monday, so at last I might get to know when my next appt is a bit sooner than a week before. I always have to ring, they must assume I can put my other 3 children into a cupboard and just come down at the drop of a hat.
We set off home, and it was a driver I've used a few times. Except this time am sure he nodded off as he nearly took the side out of a van and careered across the lane where a car thankfully could move out of the way. Was so glad when we pulled up at home. Can there be one trip that actually goes without any incident.

I apologise to all his loving adoring fans but Harry is now betrothed to the beautiful Violet. She is a perfect 2mths younger than him. She had her EUA last week and thankfully hasnt got Rb, but the doctors and her mum are concerned something else is amiss and are going to do more tests. I send out heartfelt prayers to her and her family as they set out on their journey. I hope they get some answers soon x I hope the baby pre-nups can get to meet each other very soon x

Well will sign off now, my first baby only has 6 days to wait til his 8th birthday. As he had such a crap birthday last year due to chemo and all that jazz, he's going to have a better one this year. He's already been to the cinema with his biggest cousin, must remember to sort his cake. Happy reading and see you soon xx

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  1. You are most ungracious little sister! Of course the waiting around is awful, but be thankful you don't have to fly back to your children! Those poor twins mama too. N a newbie 8weeker :-( . RB sucks . Hopefully it's nothing too sinister for Harry's little chum.

    Glad I read this ! Uncle D had remembered - I'd totally forgotten about Matthew's birthday! You having a party?