Friday, 4 May 2012

Sleepyland part 2

Well Wednesday night arrived, and up William went. The immediate crying started, and after a few mins fidgeting Danny was banished to the other room as he was clearly itching to go up and get him.
Only 5 mins of crying. I had to go wipe the ever runny nose and that was that.
Thurs and Fri nights, no crying and Danny amazed. He bet I would crack. He can't bear to hear them cry, neither can I but this time I won. Not being complacent, its only been 5 days, but so far so good, and William was duly praised each morning for being a big boy.

So, if anyone is wondering which method is best, I will vouch for controlled crying anyday. It works. I'm proud of me and proud of William. Our evenings have once again become CFZ's (child free zones.

Harry is loving his new game of pulling up using jeans as grip holds. William however didnt find it so funny. His wailing of 'mummy Harry pulling my pants down' was only met with sniggers from me. His physio has recommended he is barefoot so to help his muscles develop for gripping on standing. No fear there, Harry has the socks pulled off within seconds of them being put on. She is back next week, hope she will be pleased with his progress.

Our new Clic Sargent social worker Julie came to see us on Wednesday. She is lovely and reminds me a little of Su Pollard. Harry seemed to like her, William loved her cos she let him play with her phone. She helped with some form filling. Their support is fab.

Harry had a lovely time playing with Lynn his VI teacher on Thursday. She'd brought a colleague and they tried to do an assessment to see if they could guage what level of sight he has. This is so they can amend his therapy plan accordingly. His right eye is deffo the best, with very little on the left. They agreed that he was a clever monkey and was learning fast as to where his toys were and he was using his ears and touch to compensate but they were happy he has some peripheral sight and he was using it. Fantastic, lets hope the tumors stay away and it stays like that. It will never get any better, we can only hope it doesnt get worse. Lynn also confirmed she was going to start the ball rolling for his CAF, this will statement him to special needs so he can access anything to help him, whether one to one help in school, or aids or adaptations. I know its needed, but it doesnt make it any easier knowing your child is going to be labelled.

22days till Matthew turns 8 and 13days till we go to Birmingham.

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