Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee and all that Jazz

We've all been enjoying the jubilee celebrations, with the exception of daddy who is at work all week.
We've celebrated by visiting grandparents - Matthew was totally gobsmacked that his grandad could remember the coronation (he was only 3, same age as Prince Jugears Charles) as that was in the olden times and as Madeleine commented people only wore black and white in those days. Snigger har har. Madeleine also wanted to know why she wears normal clothes as kings and queens wear crowns and cloaks. Isnt childhood innocence sweet.

We also went and joined in a mass gathering at ... Asda. We took along Miss Rachelradiostar. We bumped into some wonderfully lovely friends of mine. Sue and Sam and their daughter Jen. Sue and Sam are foster parents, who fostered my best friend from school, and I spent so much time with them I could easily call them mum and dad too lol. I loved helping out babysit all the cutey cuddly babies and kids they fostered. They made a massive difference to each of those kids lives. Whats coincidentally weird, is that my nephew Phelton is dating a girl called Amber who they fostered as a young tot too. Jen has an unbelievably cute little boy called Daniel, who was sadly for us with his other grandparents.
So a big hiya to you all cos I know you will be reading this xxxx

So we havent really done much to celebrate, there's been no street party where we live, mind you we live in quite a remote bit of the village and it wouldnt be much of a party, unless the sheep and cows were happy to join in, so we watched the concert last night. It was quite good really, don't think the Queen was into much of the music, and the grand finale was a big let down in my opinion, Sir P McCartney should remember he is a has been and hang up his guitar. Even Matthew commented on what a bad singer he was. Had it been Britains Got Talent, am sure 4 red X's would have sounded out. The fireworks were good, pity they couldnt have made it into the olympics opening ceremony, I dread to think how many millions of pounds were blasted into the sky, and how many more will come in July. Bah humbug lol

What will the next jubilee be, asked Matthew as he dragged his tired wee leggies into bed. Erm, 70 years I think, and he replied with, well she better enjoy this one as she's old and will probably be in the stars for the next one. He was then re-amazed as his grandad would see 2 coronations. Ah bless. He also thinks its cool to be a king or queen as you have 2 birthdays.

Well just under 2 weeks til we go to Birmingham again, this time Harry and I will go on our own. Danny cannot get leave and as its Chloe's 18th birthday the day we go down Rachel can't come either. So we will miss Chloe's celebration. We better get good news to make up for it. Harry seems to have come on leaps and bounds, although he lost a bit of weight when he was ill, he's got his appetite back and loves crawling around and standing up at the settees. We've even had a couple of cruising steps. I laughed with the physio as I said I bet the next time you come he's running around. At this rate I can't see why he won't be, his VI teacher told us he will have a problem with depth, ie going downstairs will be really tricky, so maybe when he comes to set off, if his eyes cannot judge properly with what vision he has, he may be unbalanced and fall often, so thankfully he's a determined little thing and will keep going til he's cracked it. Its so easy to forget he is 17mths old, the others were all running at this age. He's still little, but he must have grown a little cos he is wearing some 9-12mth clothes, whooppeee

Enjoy the rest of your jubilee day, x


  1. I just want to say that I am thinking of you. Stay strong and positive. :)

  2. I love hearing about your kids. I have said before my daughter was 17mths when she walked so good on Harry, theres no rush! A lovely age.