Friday, 15 June 2012

Rambling on

Its official, Madeleine is going to big school. We've been to the parents meeting and to her great delight I came home with a book bag. She will be missed, who else will unpack all my Asda shopping and spread it round the entire kitchen as she helps me do a helpful job, who else will come out to help me peg out the washing and clip all the pegs round the patio furniture rather than pass them to me, who else will use an entire pack of baby wipes to clean her toys, the television and anything else in wiping reach. But although she goes to pre-school, I get to have her with me (except tuesdays when she goes all day)everyday and the hysterical chit chat between her and William will be sorely missed. Quite rightly, and I'm glad, she is really looking forward to going. She will be an asset to the school.

Harry goes to Birmingham on Sunday for his next EUA on Monday. I am really hoping for great news. His fellow Rb warriors have all just been to London and they ALL got clear stable visits, way to go Kyle, Owen and Lillia. Lets hope Harry doesnt spoil the applecart. He's loving the new crawling lark, when he starts speeding up he justs drops onto belly and commandos at top speed. He's now got 4 of his back teeth and now the fangs are just starting to break through. His teeth are like piranha sharp razor blades and he thinks its hilarious when you say ouch as he sinks them into your shoulder. I have to put him down to stop him coming back for seconds. His latest cute trick is to rub his eyes if you say 'are you ti tired Harry'

I put him into the highchair yesterday for the first time. This highchair was Matthews and its brill as it reclines if your little cherub falls asleep whilst eating. Something William has done often.

So much to the disgust of William who still uses it I put Harry in. It drowned him, he looked like a little baby but he was so cute.

If you get a chance, read Rachels blog post about the Gerbil/Hamster funeral. Its so funny, I thought the comment from one pupil to say sorry for your loss but get a dog next time cos they live longer was hilarious. Har har

Sunday brings my niece Chloes 18th Birthday. She is Rachel's daughter and really bonny and has just finished her A levels. I hope her hard work pays off and she gets the grades she needs and deserves to go to uni. I simply cannot imagine little Chloe, with her pigtails and red dungarees, being old enough to go to uni. It only seems 2 minutes that I used to steal her out of her cot and snuggy her in bed with me. It also means I have to miss her party because of shitty cancer as I will be travelling down to Birmingham with Harry. Grr.

I will finish with a request for you all to spare a minute and send love, hope and good wishes to Harry's sweetheart Violet and her family. I hope they can find some firm ground soon so they can step out to wherever they need to go. Big harry hugs xxx

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