Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Well the morning for going to Birmingham dawned, and were we in for an uneventful trip? Nope, is the answer to that.

Whilst gathering my stuff together, cause as usual I'd left it to the morning, Madeleine came running in crying and doing that trying to speak while you're crying thing so you cant understand them but eventually I gathered William had put her rabbit down the toilet. God I hope he hasnt flushed it, but thankfully he hadnt and there it was head first.

So into the wash it went whilst daddy chastised William. Give him his dues, he told us he'd done it and am sorry Madeleine but it was actually funny.

Anyway, this took away precious get ready time and the taxi was coming at 1pm. Yeah right, half past sodding 2 it rolled up.

So 2 and a bit hours of the m6 and we landed in Birmingham. We were given our room at the hotel and has assured there was a cot already in there. So on the top floor, the furthest room away from the lift was ours and hey presto, no cot but a sofa bed made up. So I folded it away, grring to myself and rang the lady in reception. Ok I'll sort it she said. Ooh this is quite a roomy room,lots of space for harry to crawl about.
2mins later she rang back, we're moving you to another room cos it will be easier and you wont be messed about. No its ok I've folded the bed, I just need a cot. No you need to move to a diff room where I've sorted a cot.
Tutting and more grring we moved and the room was tiny and no friggin cot. Harry was now starving and I couldnt be arsed arguing the toss so we went out and on the way I informed smug receptionist that there was no cot, liar liar

Monday morning came and off poor harry went. He was first on the list hooray. I kept him in his coat and pram cos he was supposed to be having an eye test. No not today, so unsurprisingly he was a little warm when we lifted him out into the oven hot ward. No wonder his temp was a little warm but they didnt seem too bothered. I pinned him down while they prised his eyes open to put his drops in. He screamed, dont blame him, think I would too. And off to theatre he went.
He normally sits like a good boy while they knock him out with the gas. Not today he writhed and thrashed about and cried his heart out. Poor thing

The dreaded wait now, but in my mind I was ready for a quick in out and nothing new in either eye again. Sadly I was wrong, his right eye was clear again. Fantastic, this is the 4th visit now. But his left has 2 new seed tumors which they lasered. Effin cancer, I am sick to the back teeth now.

So a bit disheartened we came home. Harry was his usual post op self, but he ate and played as normal, but on his nappy change before bed I noticed he had a rash and his temp was up to 38. Calpol milk and bed, will see how he is in the morning. Could be a mix of teething, bit of a cold, gen anesthetic. Grr hope he not picked anything up.


  1. Crickey they could at least make the room part easy, no they have to wind you up. Sorry it was'nt all you were hoping for.

  2. Bloody THISTLE HOTEL BIRMINGHAM - SORT IT OUT. These famililes have enough bloody angst to be worrying over - YOU KNOW THEY ARE HOSPITAL FAMILIES. CUT EM SOME EFFIN SLACK. I feel a ranty email coming on. *Folds arms under boobs, hitches them up like I mean business*