Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone reading this has a fun day filled with church, celebration and chocolate.

Ours will be filled with all of it plus a little sadness, for it is 12m today since Harry's cancer diagnosis was confirmed. I am not going to dwell on it it, its still awful to think about but its happened and I cannot change it. All we can do is cope and move on as best we can.

What I can focus on is that Harry is still here and fighting it. He's survived chemo and 2 bouts of septicaemia and has had 14 general anaesthetics to date and he's only 15mths old. Because of this evil cancer we've made some wonderful friends in both Manchester Childrens and Birmingham Childrens Hospitals, gained over 1500 twitter followers and have a new circle of facebook friends all facing this nightmare cancer.

Owen Bishop and his mum Katy and his family, Kyle and his mum Mellissa and his family, Lillia and her family, Mya and her family, Londyn Grace and her family and Macy and her family to name a few. What's great is that each time we all have a EUA to face, we're all there for each other, knowing what we're all going through and being able to share each others pain or happiness as our children face their journey and I take comfort in this, as I'm sure they all do too.

I take a moment to think we're they're all at:

Owen has just had another EUA and is again stable, he won't go til July now, fabulous. Kyle is our special trooper, diagnosed later than its usually found and unfortunately lost an eye, his mum was tearing her hair out trying to get it back in, must admit I would be a little freaked too, but his last visit showed his good eye was stable. Lillia also lost an eye, and suffered ill effects from the chemo which she has recently finished, but she is still smiling. Londyn has just reached the half way point in her chemo plan and is responding really well with the tumors shrinking, as is Mya and Macy.

Hopefully Harry will have another stable visit next week, so really when you whizz it down in black and white it doesnt sound too bad, they're all still here and fighting and still being children. What we can do is try and push awareness so all parents know about it, and hopefully get to a point where it is picked up so early, losing eyes/lives and and eyesight will never feature again. Katy is the superstar here!! She works tirelessly on facebook and twitter getting support for the petition.

So back to my point, yes 8th April is a date that will be forever etched in my heart, it marked us from being a normal family to one with a child with cancer and all the stigma attached, but it will also make me count my blessings, one for mentioning Harry's eyes at his 8wk check, two for my GP referring him so quickly and 3 for the whole medical team for saving Harry's life and 4 for the lifelong care his will receive from them all. We are still on Harry's roller coaster ride as I mentioned last April when I started this blog, but its slowed a little and we havent seen many big dippers recently and I hope it will stay this way. Am looking forward to the day we can get off it and hope no other families ever have to get on it.
I will end with 2 pics, the first was on the day of diagnosis and the second is now and Harry is happy on both, and thats what I pray he will be, happy for the rest of his life. I love you Harry Thomas, lets see what the next 12mths will bring x


  1. Another beautifully written blog that's had me in tears! Harry, you're a real trooper - it totally amazes me what these little ones have to go through.
    I too get comfort from the supportive and inspiring Rb families also on this journey. I really couldn't imagine going through this all without any of you.
    Good luck at the next EUA. C'mon Harry, we all want to hear nothing but positive news! Will be thinking of you all xxx

  2. He is a beautiful, heartwarming little boy, just gorgeous.