Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I posted a pic of Harry on twitter and it got masses of oohs and ahs from his adoring fans, so for those that don't go on twitter, here he is :

I'd literally just plonked him on the sofa and snapped him using my phone. Am trying to get all 4 of them to sit still whilst I snap them, not easy and yet to be achieved but short of supergluing pants to the floor I will do it.

Matthew asked today why boys have belly buttons. Knowing exactly where this convo was heading (following the white mice episode) I calmly asked why. He advised me that only girls have babies and as they come out via your belly button whats the point boys having them. Fair point, but as I was about to onthespot try and explain he disappeared and not mentioned it since. Phew don't know what my onthespot explanation would have been, but I suppose I better get my thinking cap on, don't thinkI'll get away with 'ask your dad' for long.

Danny is on nights tonight, and conveniently forgot to take the bins out Now for street living folk this just means plonking them by your gate. I live in the middle of nowhere up a track road that would take on the Big One at Blackpool anyday for its troughs and dips so putting the bins out is by no means a quick task.
So tutting and grrring and emptied all our bins and Matthew asked if he could help, so I let him carry the plastic bottle box. I humped tins box and cardboard box and then came back for the 2 grey wheelie bins. Then I remembered that Danny brought them back last time and dropped them down the step as it looked neater by the back door. This is fine when they're empty, but ffs when they're full trying to get them back up the step when full to the top is bordering on impossible. We have 2 because we have lots of kids and we fill them both every 2 weeks. So I gave myself a hernia yanking them up the step and wheeled them round the house so I could drag them down the road. 'Can I help mummy??' aw bless, you pull this lighter one can you manage? Do you want me to hold on too? No its ok, I'm nearly 8 and I can manage. More Fool me, manage to the first pothole and even more grrrring and fffssssing as he accidentally let go and the sodding bin went down. I grasped the handle but it slipped through (now I know what the England cricket team feel like when they drop catches) and yup, almost half the bin came out. Now when I put the kitchen bin out, I tie the bin liner then just drop it into the bin. When Danny empties the kitchen bin, he just uptips it and lets it all slide out loose. So tons of rubbish came pouring out. Reassuring Matthew it wasnt his fault (well not really) I scooped it all back and dragged the bins out. One saving grace, we live in the middle of nowhere so we don't have nosy neighbours to snigger. Walking back to the house, Matthew said 'its nice doing just mummy and matthew things isnt it'. God bless, I let him help take the bins out and you would think we'd been to Disneyland.

I'd left William sat in his buggy innocently eating a packet of crisps (yes okay I admit to a little bribery) and had he eaten them nicely when I came back in. Not likely, he'd obviously crushed the packet (we did this when younger as it made your crisps last longer) and Madeleine (who is a brilliant snitch, no career for her in MI5) advised that he'd clapped his hand on the packet and it went bang. I had to snigger as I pictured the scene, as he was completely covered in bits of crisps and so was the floor. What was heartbreaking was he burst into tears when I hoovered them up 'my pspies' was wailed for about half an hour.

I'll end on a piece of good news. A little boy called Corey who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the same time as Harry was diagnosed has successfully finished immunotherapy in the USA and all scans at the min show him in complete remission. They should land back in the UK on Friday, having spent the last 5m out there. I wish the Ashcroft family lots of love and hope they can settle into a little normality, I know they are nervous and will have loads of 'what ifs' running round their heads, who wouldnt be?
4 days til Harry's next EUA, praying we have a clear visit again xx

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