Thursday, 26 April 2012


Harry seems to be getting over his illness and the rash is now fading away, albeit still very noticable on his legs. His temps have now returned to normal.
Not content with bugging Harry, it decided to go give Matthew a go and 2 days of 39+ temperatures followed. The thermometer I invested in when Harry was on chemo has certainly taken a battering. Probably one of the most 'moneys worth' items I've bought. Not surprised bugs are being spread around cos saying 'put your hand over your mouth' a zillion times a day is just not sinking in and they are all coughing and sneezing.

we have confirmation that Madeleine will be joining Matthew at Quernmore School in September. She is more than ready to go, can now start gathering her uniform and bits together

I also learnt that a little boy I have been following and shouting out on twitter sadly lost his fight against Neuroblastoma last week. His family had been desperately trying to raise money to take him to America for treatment, but his cancer obviously had other ideas. Heaven will be a better place now Thomas Cammack is there, I send prayers and thoughts to his family, I cannot imagine what they are going through and hope I never will.

I better be off, am going to Rachelradiostars house to await her boilerfixermnan. She can now wash her pots in her fixed dishwasher, but now her boiler has packed in so they have no heat or hot water. Hope they have an immersion heater as it may be a bit pongy lol


  1. So sorry about little Thomas....

    Hope your little ones get better soon.

  2. I would like to state, for the record, that our shower still worked so no one was pongy. Boiler was fixed and I got extra long Harry snuggles! Thank you for house sitting!!