Monday, 2 April 2012

Gurgles and giggles

Well April 1st dawned and it wasnt so bad, it was my nephews 19th birthday too, and I think it must have just been me remembering what happened last year cos no one mentioned it. It still was horrid, but hey ho on we go.
The kids had barbecue for their tea, I think they would live on it daily. Fresh air does wonders too, they're soon fast asleep.
We had a trip to the park, William slept round most of it, and I decided to introduce Harry to the swings, he loved it.

He giggled and wiggled his legs, it won't let me upload the video grr. Madeleine decided to explore the large climbing frame, and having helped her up to the highest point, she decided she didnt like it. Tough lovey, I ain't climbing up after you. So she had a fast lesson in sliding down large slides. At least getting down was done and dusted quite quickly. She is still complaining of stomach ache, I thought it may be bananas (I am extremely intolerant and allergic to them) but maybe not. Maybe a trip to the docs is needed.

Harry has a new word, 'dont' touch' ha ha he must hear me say it constantly to William, he can also say 'all gone' when he's finished eating. He now says it when he's had enough whether there's some left or not, am glad as he was getting a dab hand at knocking a fully loaded spoon away. He's enjoying his mobility, he obviously hasnt time to crawl properly, just wiggle along commando style is much quicker. We've a few bangs on the head front, especially on the left side.
Well 2 weeks of school hols loom and thankfully a trip out with Marlene from Rainbow Trust is on the cards. The kids love her, Madeleine and William stood for 20mins waiting for her to come last week. She's brill, and I thank the Rainbow Trust for the service they provide.
Well Rachel is finally getting her dishwasher fixed, much to Chloe and Callums relief lol her kitchen will owe the fixerman a medal as it will finally reclaim its work surfaces har har. I only really use mine on a sunday and when Dan's on nights he he, hmmm must go empty it before I forget!

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  1. Hey Lisa...I know this has been a tough few days for you..just wanted to say lotsa love to you and that we're all here for you, always. RB may be rubbish, no getting away from that fact, but it has brought us all together and hopefully out of our children's trama, another may see,live or avoid will never take away our
    Pain but we can get through it together. Keep well sweetie and give that gorgeous boy hugs from the bishop gang xxx