Saturday, 21 April 2012


Since we got back from Birmingham Harry has been a little grumpy which we put down to teething and his anaesthetic. He got a little rash on his chest, probably the cold he seems to have started with. His older brother Matthew always gets a slight viral rash.
Didnt think anymore of it really, he wasnt acting like a really ill baby.
However, the rash suddenly went global, down to his fingers and toes, and although red, it didnt disappear when you pressed it.
Oh, better get him checked seeing as we're back in Manchester on Monday and I don't think an oncology ward would be too grateful for a contagious illness.
Harry's GP (the lovely one who rushed his initial lifesaving referral through) thoroughly checked him over and agreed it was probably viral but it looked a little like a measles rash.
Carry on with calpol and regardless of how happy and unwell-like he is if the rash is no different or worse he has to come back tomorrow. Hoping its gone down. Scary if its measles, but ahem is that not why I let them jab him with his MMR injection?
Well I'm up but its too dark to really see, so will wait for daylight and see. He's chatting and shouting fine, oh and clapping, oh and throwing things ... yes Harry you're a clever boy but let mummy finish this blog.

Its just the 2 of us up, I think Harry enjoys the quietness, he uses is ears a lot to compensate for his eyes and I think sometimes Madeleine + William gets a bit overpowering. September will sort that. My big girl will be of to school with Matthew and William will take her places at pre-school. I will be sad when they both go, (ok I will admit I am looking forward a teensy weensy bit to the silence lol) but they will start big school within a year of each other, poor William will have been 4 for 3 weeks before he starts, not fair when he will be starting with children that are practically a full year older than him, but he's a tough cookie, he more than the others will be able to stand his ground.

Wow, that was a bit of a digression, anyway, lets see what daylight brings, hopefully a lesser rash.

When you're done reading, why don't you click on the Rachels Blog link at the top right of my home page. She's put a year of Harry into pics, and how lovely they are.


  1. Hope Harry's rash disappears soon! Your older children will do great with school and you and Harry will have a nice little break. Been there with mine and have learned to deal with all the transitions a bit less emotionally! There is always many changes ~ and wishes! All Best to you all! Rebecca

  2. Fingers crossed the rash disappears pronto! xx