Sunday, 31 July 2011


Harry was a little unsettled last night, hoping he's not ailing but when I got up at 1.30am he had pulled his tube out YES OUT.
This is getting a little boring now Harry. It was done twice whilst we were in Manchester and home for 2 days and its out again.
I tried to give him his meds straight from the syringes and after some (and I have to say pretty over the top) balking he sicked most of them back up so yes, off to hospital again to have it re-passed.

One hour later and it was safely back in, meds down and top up feed done and then I caught him trying to do it again, Har har Harry, too slow for mamma and now it has extra tape on. Pull it off if you dare lol.

I must say hiya to a new friend I met in Manchester, Cameron and his family. They were in the same ward when we first landed, but managed to go home for the weekend before coming back for his next chemo. I think Harry stole their hearts, but would love to get William and their little one Luca together. They are the same age and full of the same mischief. Mega cute and funny and certainly made my day pass by a lot brighter. All the kids and their families are soo lovely, one little boy Rory became a big brother as his mum went into labour and went across to the maternity unit one night. She was back the next day as if nothing had happened along with baby Hugh in tow.
 I pray for Haleema and her family as they awaited her diagnosis as I left. They have already sent one little boy to the angels due to cancer, life could not be possibly so shit that it could stike again and also for the family of the baby who was clinging to life. I have no idea if it became another angel baby but I was touched that some of their family came to see Harry. They said his happiness made them feel better, and they stopped by the next day with others saying' this is Harry who we told you about'
It is so nice that we can share some of Harry, he certainly seems to steal the hearts of anyone who meets him, but hands off cancer he's mine!!!!

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