Friday, 15 July 2011

A week full of hospital, nurse and doc appointments and not all for me. My sis is still poorly, still yellow and now has visual evidence that she has a gall stone. She awaits a phone appt from the doc hopefully to confirm what the one and only sonographer said. She is an amazing multi tasker, she did my scan when we thought Harry had stopped moving the day before he was born and now done my sisters liver scan. NHS cut backs probably. Fing crossed hun xx

Harry, despite his cuteness and smiley giggly feet chewing moments has failed to put weight on. He has infact dropped a touch, I and the Health Visitor were a little surprised as I thought his cheeks were a little chubbier. It will probably have something to do with him pulling his feeding tube out for a record 4 times this week. I am awaiting the arrival of the nurse to come and put it back in. Straight jacket has been ordered.

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