Thursday, 7 July 2011

A pretty non-eventful week in our house. Harry remains quite well despite developping a cough. Hope it doesnt turn into anything more nasty. He still smiles and gurgles away and has rolled over for the first time too.

I was asked by a nosey parker looking into the pram yesterday 'ooh he's a new one' errr no he is 6m old now. The look of shock was unmistakeable. I have all the centile recordings that say hE IS SMALL AND UNDERWEIGHT FOR A BABY OF HIS AGE but he cannot grow and tolerate nasty toxic chemo drugs at the same time.

The other question we get is ... ooh was he prem is that why he is still on oxygen.... no that is a nasal gastric feeding tube.

Gonna stick a note on his pram... I Have cancer, I am small because of chemo and I need extra nutrition through this tube because I am small..

ANyway, enough of our troubles. My poor smaller big sister is poorly. She has jaundice and is sick. Looking like she may need her gall bladder taking out and its horrid that I can't do anything for her other than take her to the docs and entertain her with my kiddies. Please get well soon, you are my rock but if I can repay some favours anyway I will xx Love you sis xx


  1. Yay for rolling over! I hope the cough goes away soon. And I completely understand wanting to put a note up or make a special shirt or something like that!

  2. Cheers!!! I will let you know after my phone appt yesterday!!! I'm just glad your eldest child, well renowned for his lack of tact hasn't dais anything about my yellowy tinge!!!
    Love you too and see you soon! xx

  3. TODAY - phone appt is TODAY. I am a bit more insane than normal due to lack of chocolate ( O how I miss you) and sleep

  4. wow, a phone appt, a docs appt and a nurse appt in one day. Don't think I can even beat that lol