Sunday, 10 July 2011

well my sis is still poorly. She is still yellow and itchy, hopefully she will get some answers on Tuesday if her blood results are back. I can't go with her this time, it clashes with Harry's line flush grr. Am sure it will be ok tho.

Matthew was at the hosp on Friday, a while ago our GP referred him for blood tests as he was very pale and tired, his bloods turned out ok, he's just going to be a pale person I think, but they did find a heart murmur.

Anyway, I'd completely forgot about him needing a follow up appointment, so was a little confused when the hospital rang and asked if I was Matthew's mum. I said you mean Harry.. no we have Matthew on our records. They had a mega long waiting list for the cardiologist. You're not kidding, we've been waiting since November for this appointment so hence I'd forgotton.

We went and Matthew was uber good. He had an ECG and and Echo. The cardiologist was trying to explain in kiddy terms what she was looking at, so when she put the doppler thing on you could see his heart unbelievably clearly. This is like a little house she said with 2 upstairs rooms and 2 big downstairs rooms.... Matthew blew her out of the water and said 'thats silly, thats my heart and the old blood goes into the top, moves down into the bottom and then its pumped out again'.   She was impressed, so was I. Matthew has been learning about things like skeletons and what keeps you alive at school. Since when was biology on infant school curriculum?

Matthew's heart murmur is low grade and classed as an innocent murmur. He will always have to state it on medicals etc but will not affect him. It will only ever be heard if he's ill or has a temperature. Great news. We like good news.

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  1. At long last!!! We crave good news. We are good news addicts!!!