Saturday, 30 July 2011

Just when things couldnt get any worse

Well, its been a long long long 2 weeks..... a shortened version if I can.

2 weeks ago, I noticed Harry seemed to be a little off and wouldn't feed properly and at tea time I thought I'd check his temp (one of the tasks drummed into me for chemo patients) and it was 38.5 C. Protocol states that anything over 38 requires urgent admission for antibiotics whilst they check him out. I frowned and uttered ffs Harry and wondered if my thermometer was faulty. No, my temp was normal. I checkd it again, both ears and it was still 38.5. Saturday teatime, great.

Rang Manchester and they advised me to go straight to Lancaster childrens ward to be checked over. Harry's temp was now 39. They took bloods, checked him over and started him on IV antibiotics.

He remained poorly for next 2 days with his temp only going down following paracetemol until they got his blodd culture results back. He had septicaemia, his Hickman line showing to be the source and we were packed up and rushed off to Manchester. There followed 10 days of specific IV anti-biotics and we clung on to the hope that they would work and his line be saved. If not he would need a 2 week stay whilst they took it out and a new one put in with anti-biotics in between.

He gradually got better, his temperature stopped going up and we finally got the news we were waiting for, his blood had stopped growing bugs. I thank you Louis Pasteur, your Nobel Prize was definitely well deserved.

We stayed at Manchester and they gave him his 5th dose of chemo and then whoosh down to Birmingham we went. He will have oral anti-biotics for another 7 days.

Anyway, Friday morning dawned and Harry went under anaesthetic to see if there was any improvement, and way hey they were able to start laser on his larger tumors. They were really pleased with his progress.His tumors are till responding to the chemo, although they havent ruled out he may need to have his 6 doses extended. We will wait and see.

He was spectacularly sick when he came round but we did eventually make it home. I missed my other little ones like crazy and being apart from them for such a long time was a killer.

It was a truly awful 2 weeks and my tale seems to make light of it, and maybe I was a bit blase about the chemo has Harry had been doing so well up to that point. To see your baby so ill is horrid horrid horrid and 2 weeks later he is playing laughing and now rolling over effortlessly makes testament to modern medicine. I shall never take his chemo for granted again and hope to God he remains well forever. Bloody BRB

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  1. I was soooo relieved to hear that he was giggling. Their will is astounding. I can not wait for this to be behind you guys & just a really interesting story for Harry to tell his dates.

    Sending love to you, Harry & your poor yellow sister.