Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Where has my Harry gone??

This latest round of chemo really has disagreed with Harry. Probably a combination of being ill, then chemo then laser all together but my happy gurgly baby has been replaced by with a sad crying hurty baby.

Its as if he is in pain, especially when you pick him up, maybe he is achy and his skin hurting, the nurse said this could be his chemo and maybe give him calpol to see if it helps. His temp is okay thank god.

I am also FED UP of washing pooey clothes so I am thanking god he has stopped his anti biotics and maybe this will stop his poo being uber runny and coming out constantly.

That aside, he seems to be seeing more, I dangled a toy over his head and he moved his head and eyes following it. Something taken for granted by most people, but to me it was a wonderful thing. They have been able to start lasering the larger tumors in his eyes along with all the smaller ones. We have pictures of the before and after to date and the difference is amazing although the blackened calcified deposits look horrendous  but who cares as long as the tumors are dead. I have a feeling his chemo will be extended, as they still hve a long way to go and he only has one dose left and they did say it would be increased if need be.

I must say good luck to my sis who has an op today to remove the offending gall stone which is causing her anguish and yellowness. I know she is scared and who wouldnt be, but I hope the relief will be instant and she can get back to her normal self. Good luck Rachel xxx

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