Sunday, 14 August 2011

Been a pretty non-eventful couple of days really. Harry of course had pulled his tube out so a quick visit to hospital today to have it put back in was made. He doesnt like having it put back in, you think he would have learnt to STOP PULLING IT OUT THEN. He's going to be weighed again tomorrow, hopefully he hould have gained a little.

My niece and nephews girlfriend are organising a sponsered triathlon to raise money for Macmillan Nurses mainly for Harry. What a lovely thoughtful thing to do. I set up a 'just giving' page for them so they can collect on-line donations, and we have had £160 donated already. The triathlon isn't til October. The lovely messages that have been left by complete strangers is touching, it brings tears to my eyes xx

On a down note, despite having a op to put a stent in to start draining the shit out of her blood, Rachel remains as yellow and as itchy as ever. A few days she was told then she should see some effect. She is going to ring them tomorrow for advice. Its getting her down.

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