Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Harry had his bloods done, and as I thought his platelets are low, but lower than I thought. They should be 150, and his are 13 so he needs a transfusion. His Hb level is also low which explains why he's so pale.
So yes, we're off to Manchester in the morning. Hopefully they'll be prepared so we won't have too much waiting to do, but not holding my breath.

I managed to steal away the kiddies comforters to wash, they were extremely yukky and stank. Probably the source of Harry's infection lol. Out they came lovely and clean and fresh smelling. Madeleine looked most unimpressed and didnt really look at hers for the rest of the day. She did ask 'when is all the clean going to come off'

Rachel still feeling crap despite her op, but they told her it could be a few days for the jaundice and itchin to start subsiding. Matthew was dead impressed with her colour especially her teeth which she'd painted white. She found it funny thank god. He was also disappointed that he'd missed seeing Madeleine tumble down some of the stairs at my mums, knocking william over as she fell. He asked if anyone had video'ed it on their phone so he could watch it. I chastised him, everyone else thought he was funny.

I took him to get some new trainers from Clarks shoe shop. I knew he needed some new ones as he'd just been fitted for new boots, the shop assistant (also a childhood friend) asked casually if Madeleine and william wanted a shoe check, imagine my shock when they had both grown a full shoe size, never mind just a half. So £100 quid later they were all kitted out in new footwear, all with flashing lights in. I am still recovering from the the fastest goodbye to £100 in history, and from the fact I'd been jamming my kids feet into shoes that were a size too small. Just cause clarks say feet grow every 12mths kids doesnt mean you have to oblige. God help me when Harry needs them aaargggh.

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