Saturday, 6 August 2011

William is 2 today x

wow, where did those 2 years go. It doesnt seem 2 minutes since he was born, well actually thats a lie cause of everything thats happened since it also seems like a lifetime.

2 years ago today my darling William made his appearance. Rachel was my birthing partner, and after several false alarms (even more than with Harry) she became anxious as she was going on holiday at 6am on the 6th August. So 10pm on the 5th I rang her and said 'its the real thing this time' so off we went to hospital. Despite the midwife saying he would be here by midnight, naughty William decided to hang on a couple more hours and arrived at 2am. It was to make sure I went through the motions of 'I can't do it and 'I want an epidural' but Rachel was a fantastic partner and was the first person to see William and hold him. I am sure the black top was prop not the best colour to be wearing and she jolly well made sure she was wearing an apron with Harry! and at 3am she rang Darren to bepicked up. She must have been knackered as they dutifully went on holiday at 6am.

I wish I could wave a wand and keep William as he is. He is the most loving cute cheeky cuddly little boy ever. Hope you have a lovely Birthday xxx

Harry is at day 10 and is looking pale, I am a little concerned as he is being sick quite a lot and not really wanting to feed. I have started him back on his anti sick meds to see if it helps, really don't want to ring the hosp as I can imagine they may want to see him if it doesnt improve. Come on Harry, all that extra weight you put on will be falling off, I know I can give him his top up Milk down his tube, but thats only ok if it stays down. Am sick of washing sicky sheets and babygros, makes a change from pooey ones I suppose.

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