Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Where did that week go

Sorry for leaving it so long, time just seems to have slipped by. Nothing much has happened really, kids are off school and typically the weather is rubbish. I thought they could cheer on the much talked about team gb medal contenders at the olympics, but just like the weather they too have been rubbish. They have been enthralled by the diving and gymnastics and trying their hands at judo, but what made me smile was Matthew stating "he was going to turn chinese because they win everything and britain is rubbish, so why does everyone want to live in britain then" snigger
Marlene from Rainbow Trust came yesterday. The kids were uber excited and william stood for half an hour looking out for her, this was at 6am lol they had a brilliant time painting and making, and I now have 3 hand made and decorated wind chimes and enough hand print paintings to decorate every wall in the kitchen. William stood against the door so she couldn't go and cried when she went. She's taking them out next time.
William is now potty trained (yes I know he's nearly 3, but it only took a couple of days and 4 accidents) and amazingly is keeping his glasses on most of the time. Funnily enough he refuses to take them off when the word bed is mentioned. He's 3 on monday. They grow up too quickly.
Harry is back in birmingham next week. I rang for his next appt date, as a month on from his last one would land when my mums is away so I wanted plenty of time to arrange childcare. Oh I've just sent it out, its the 10th august was the reply. So again theyve pulled it forward from what they said, hope its not an omen. Its a 3wks break but what is most annoying, is had I not rung the letter would have landed giving me a weeks notice. That is not enough time to arrange everything as we live a 3hrs drive from birmingham, I cannot just put the other 3 in a cupboard for two days while I go. A few ppl  have asked why they can't email us as soon as theyve been allocated a date, would make life a little easier. Anyway I am a little nervous, hoping his right eye was just a blip last time and magpies stay away.

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  1. My daughter was late potty training but got it straight away, no rush was my way of thinking.