Saturday, 21 July 2012

One step back

Harry has been to birmingham and we were hoping he would make it a hat trick for a clear visit, where nothing new or regrowth happens.
As usual, nothing went completely to plan, firstly they brought his appt forward from a 6wks break, the taxi hadn't been booked and I had a nightmare sorting childcare so again I was going alone.
The taxi turned up on time, amazingly and we had quite a good run down. We were put into a matchbox sized room with no cot. No surprise there. I decided to venture into the town centre to find something to eat and feed Harry. He yelled non-stop all the way in so I grabbed a sandwich and decided to go back to our matchbox to eat. Harry yelled all the way back. I did a bit of furniture rearranging to make some space for his cot and for him to play resulting in some furniture on top of the spare bed.
Anyway friday morning dawned and off we went to the hospital and I saw one magpie and as my hands were full I couldn't salute it in time. Tutting to myself I carried on, but it must have been a sign. Harry was second down and when he's not out after 20mins you know alls not clear. Up to now his right eye has been clear since january and his left has been a bit hit and miss but has been clear for the last 2 visits hence us hoping this visit would make it a hat trick for clear visits.
So you go into the room and wait for the consultant. In he saunts and tells you his findings. No hat trick, they found a new growth, grr pesky left eye. But no its the right eye, the not-being-naughty-for-six-months eye. This hit me for six, was so not expecting to hear this. It would have been a little more acceptable had it been his left eye as this has misbehaved before. So now I am left wondering if it's just a blip or is it the start of problems, his right eye has been completely stable till now, and its his right he sees what little he sees the next few weeks till his next eua will be torture. One part of me is glad they didn't leave it 6wks now, how big could it have grown in those extra 2wks, at least they could laser it now.
Grr cancer leave Harry alone!


  1. I am so, so sorry Lisa & my littlest prince. This news eats me up, because I know how much you were hoping for good news again.

    I had never heard that about magpies & will have to start saluting them when I see them out by themselves.

  2. I am so angry at RB right now. I am so horribly devastated that it's his seeing eye :-( . Effing magpie.