Sunday, 8 July 2012

If I could turn back time. ..

Well july has dawned and frankly it has been rubbish so far. To start with my waterproof coat is not, having had to sweep a swimming pool out of my garage whilst its poured an ocean from the sky and so I have been soaked to the skin loads of time.
I am still without a tumbler dryer which is a little irksome, but am now without my washer which is an absolute nightmare. I have ordered the spare part and I think its being delivered by snail mail. The helpful guy suggested I handwash durrrrr how do I spin it and it's not the weather for drip drying, zero out of ten for his customer service. Thank heavens for my mums, hope the extra burden with my washing doesn't overload hers!
My poor sister has got a poorly car, and not even an arm or leg will fix it, and even our superstar car fixer dad can't do this one.

And to really nark me off, the luscious 6wks break between eua's I was looking foward to has gone on the Kybosh and Harry will be back with only a 4 and a bit wk break. Dan can't get leave, its bang on last day of school so I have a bit of a childcare issue, it means my poor dad will need to take a days leave something I was trying to avoid and again I will be going alone. I am sure Harry will get his hat trick with another clear visit.

One good thing has happened though, a twitmate has just had radical surgery to remove most of his liver and other tumors to give him a fighting chance, he'd previously been told it was terminal but a second opinion suggested not and hopefully he's on his road to recovery, get well soon Stuart xx

Off to find some choccy, but here's a pic of William with his new glasses, and 4 days later he's been really good keeping them on


  1. Yes I agree with you that July can just do one ! July last year I was bright yellow! William looks scrumptious!

  2. William looks lovely, glasses really suit him.

  3. we've been neglectful with glasses for luke :( we have them but it's not somehting we put on every day. we've told ourselves that once school starts in september we will be more dilligent about it for sure.

    hope your eua comes up a big fat negative. Luke will be going for his next one soon so our fingers are crosed as well.