Sunday, 12 August 2012

The last gold medal ....

Team GB should be proud of themselves, they all fought hard and were rewarded with a mass of medals. China and USA may have had more, but break it down to medal to population size then GB topped the table. Proud to be British. But this wasnt the best thing that happened this week ....

Harry had a clear visit. His new tumor from last time remained unchanged and it was lasered again just to make sure the little blighter was blasted to oblivion. He was in and out in record time, barely was the gas mask put on then the oxygen mask was put in its place. This was fabulous news, I am still celebrating cautiously as I know things can change and just one new seedling is all it takes to get the ball rolling but for now a clear visit is absolutely fantastic. Harry's 21st anaesthetic. Its scary just how much he's been through and yet he still smiles, Harry superstar. Gold medal winner.

William turned 3 this week too. He didnt want to be 3, he wanted to stay 2 or be 4, but not 3. He's really enjoyed the Olympics, and he and Madeleine have been busy re-enacting certain sports, judo, Taekwondo, swimming, gymnastics, running but he was miffed when Matthew point blank refused to be a showjumping horse. Har har

I thought I would remember lots of funny things to share, but alas my memory has failed me. A touch of old biddy disease methinks. I went along last night to a Dancing School reunion. From the age of 4 to 19 I did all the classic styles of dancing, Ballet, Tap Modern etc and competed at many a competition and not wanting to sound bigheaded I won hundreds of medals and trophies, the name Lisa and Annette (my younger sister) Stephenson was famous and many younger dancers aspired to be like us. Our names still appear on the trophies won by children now.
It was a bit of a giggle meeting up with girls I danced with and their mums. Many photos were brought along, and not one of us looked like the twig thin waifs in the pictures. Its 19 years since I gave it up, It only seems like yesterday sometimes, but what was scary was the dance teacher didnt look any different. Hmm Wii Fit needs to be dragged out from the back of the telly so maybe I can look a little more like the old pics for the next reunion. Oh well, going to enjoy the closing ceremony. TTFN x


  1. Wow, look at how many page views you have :) That's amazing. Next time I come to Brum, I would like the journey home not to last five hours baking to death in a hot metal oven!

  2. So, so glad your visit went so well!! Long may it stay that way.

    Sending love, prayers and positive thoughts your way.

    Arwedd xx