Sunday, 4 September 2011

Where did all the time go....

I can't believe I have been so lazy and not put any updates on, it truly only feels like yesterday.

Anyway, since my last little moan my sis has had her op and has been discharged from hospital. Her bilirubin count reached 780 (thereabouts) and as you are technically jaundiced at 20 she was uber uber jaundiced. Her consultant had tut tutted and said he hadnt dealt with a case as bad since 1993 and could not believe the medical profession had let her go so long. 10weeks long. She has 5 weeks to recover and regain some strength and then she will go back for her gall bladder removal. Watch this space.

Anyway over to my clan. Matthew remains a cheeky monkey and has grown massively. I hope his uniform fits when he goes back next week. Madeleine's voice seems to have found a volume knob all of its own and William has swallowed a dictionary. The switch in his brain from baby babble to sentence talking has been firmly switched on. He is losing his babyness big style, and last but not least Harry.

Harry has had a successful visit to Birmingham with more laser surgery featuring. They were sure he wouldnt need more than the 6 doses of chemo at this stage but would be sure on his next visit. Some good news then.
He has gained weight and was really enjoying his food until he had his last dose of chemo, it always knocks him off and we will have to start again, but hopefully he won't lose any weight and will keep well. He was 6.9kg and thats massive for him. He's grown into 3-6m clothes at last. He has to keep the darned naso tube in til his follow up appt in 6 weeks.

I will return when I have some funny things to say. ttfn x

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