Friday, 9 September 2011

Well thats Matthew back at school and Madeleine in pre-school, the house is uncannily quiet. William is so enjoying having mummy to himself. I am feeling a little off, got a headache and that achy tickly throat and ears feeling, hope it doesnt amount to much, and sure hope Harry doesnt get it. He's starting to change into the grey faced mottled skin look he gets about day10 after his chemo, which all being well will be the last in this first tranche. Still got to keep an eye on temperatures etc for the next few weeks til he goes back for his follow up appointment.

He has got his appetite back a little and put on a little more weight. 7.2kg yesterday but that was fully clothed. Way to go Harry. I am panicking tho about an infection, the other day he did the largest no2 I have ever seen come out of  baby, and being breastfed still it still has the runny yellow consistency (sorry TMI) so it vesuviused out of the top of the nappy, right up to his armpit, the only thing it completely covered the end of his hickman line. I wiped it clean with alcohol swabs, but he had had it flushed the day before so the membrane on the end had already been punctured with a needle so I am a little worried some bugs may find their way into his line.oh and to finish it off, I laid him in his pram whilst I washed my hands, came back in and he'd pulled his feeding tube out again. grr Harry
Only one good thing may come of this and that he will get his line out early, but I don't want him to have the infection that goes with it. Oh well, back to temperature watching then.

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  1. I have to say that was more elegantly written than the rather unsavory text you wrote me!!