Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Well, I think I have commented a couple of times about Harry pulling his naso-gastric tube out, well it was getting to be a daily occurence. I probably caught him just before it came out like a million times a day before he finally triumphed. The staff at RLI were probably getting a little tired of him pulling it out (they were the ones that put it back in....constantly) the community nurses were putting it back in at least once a week too and to be frank I was getting a little pissed off too.

I think Harry does not like having a tube up his nose, can you blame him? so he has now been tubeless for 5 days. Knickers to Manchester and the dieticians. After the wrangle I had with my last visit and their being worried about him, where are they??? They havent rang or kissed my behind or nothing,  so I have made the decision to keep it out. He is now chomping happily away, and although he wouldnt drink the top-up milk he gobbles the porridge I make with it (har har Harry). The health visitor is coming on thurs to weigh him, if he hasnt gained then I may think about having it put back in, but to be honest Harry is soooo much happier without it, and its like I'm getting my baby back.

Got my update letter from Birmingham following his last visit, and they confirmed he's been put on the visually impaired register. Brings it rushing back like a hurricane, at least they are using the word 'regression' when they're talking about the tumors. Hip hip hooray

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