Saturday, 10 September 2011

A new waiting game

We have started a new waiting game. About 6 weeks of torture as we wait for the genetic results for Matthew Madeleine and William.
I took them to RLI last week and held them down whilst they took 5mls of blood to screen them for the RB gene that has gone wrong for Harry. Chances are they wont have it and this is the result the genetesist is expecting, but it has been heard that people can carry the gene without them actually having the cancer which they can then pass onto their children, so to make sure I can sleep a little easier we reluctantly agreed to screening the other 3. You can't help but play over the 'what-if' game in your mind whilst you wait the results and I am sure all will be ok, but til I have it in black and white I must endure the waiting game.

On a side note, William has had his refraction test to see if he is short or long sighted before they start correcting his lazy eye. This can be a sign of RB, but thakfully his initial screening (along with the other 2) was negative. I had to pin him down whilst they squeezed those awful eye stinging drops in and 20 mins later once his pupils were the size of saucers hold him down whilst the opthalmologist checked his eyes.

Firstly, his retinas appeared normal and he could see no RB, whoopee and secondly he is slightly long sighted in both eyes. But obviously it was so slight he doesnt need glasses so we made an appointment back with the other lady to start his patch treatment. This appt isnt for anpother 6 weeks, grr just give me the patches and I'll do it myself. He could be well into his treatment by then.

My children are going to develop an aversion to medical appointments, as up to now they have been subjected to pretty horrific things, of course Harry gets the worst of it all and I thank god as he is just a baby he will have no memory of it years down the line, that is if bloody BRB buggers off and leaves us alone for good. I shallnt hold my breath.

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