Sunday, 2 October 2011

Well my car is dead and fit for nowt. So have now got a slightly older but miles better Galaxy. And its blue. Madeleine wanted to know when I'd painted the new car. She's so funny. She's full of why questions at the minute, and always at the most inppropriate moment.
Well I've been down to Birmingham and this time Rachel came. I thought the break would do her good. We spent an hour trawling the shops looking for some sandals/flip flops for me as I'd gone down in shoes and it was mega hot. Not easy when most shops are now stocking the Autumn/Winter range. Thank heavens for Primark. Madeleine wanted to know why I got auntie Rachels shoes on when we got back.

Anyway, Harry knew where he was, as night fell he turned from the lovely cooing little baby into the 'I will not go to sleep crying baby' and after an hours rocking auntie rachel finally got him off to sleep. I was erm fast asleep too, soz Rachel.

I made our brekky nice and early, ready made porridge, all you need is hot water. They were in Pot Noodle type pots and eaten with the accidentlly fell into my bag plastic spoons from M&S. We dutifully arrived before 8am, as instructed on our letter, and did they start at 8? no friggin way. About 8.30am they decided to start weighing and putting in eye drops etc, but still Harry was first down.

The result, his right eye tumours were all looking dead. They lasered anyway just in case a sneaky little cell was hiding somewhere, they will carry on laser for the next few visits. His left eye, they lasered the little seedling tumours, which too looked dead, but there was a query over the big tumour. Its appearance, in the specialists opinion, looked like dead tumour but a reaction to the laser giving it an odd appearance. It could also be live tumour still. 50/50 aint bad I suppose. He wanted to leave it alone and see what it was like next time. If it looks the same, then its just the way the dead tumour has left a scar, if its changed then its still alive. No harm will come to Harry, they will laser it next time.

No more chemo too, if anything should grow back they will try other treatments first, chemo only if they don't work. So stay away you nasty tumours.

So all in all pretty good news and we set off with a little lift in our step, only to have it dashed severely by ther bloody awful traffic on the M6. It was sooo hot, we had the windows opened and was deafened as the aircon wasnt working. But home we landed, back in 4 weeks time.

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