Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Aw Harry you happy little boy. The chemo must be out of your system. We finally have very blonde hair sprouting, its ultra fine but what they hey, its still hair. Also your second tooth is just about to pop out on the bottom.We can almost imagining your a normal baby with nothing wrong. 2 weeks to go til we're back in Birmingham. I am so so nervous, as it will have been 8wks since your chemo finished and I am hoping to god everyting will still look dead with no re-growth or god forbid new growth.


  1. Everything here crossed for Harry.

  2. You forget to write how uber gorgeously snuggly he is now we can hold him properly with no nasty central line in!! I've been sharinghis story a bit on twitter and other blogs :-)

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous!! =)