Saturday, 29 October 2011

Leave Harry alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we went to Birmingham and my beautoful baby boy was put to sleep for the 8th time and we had the horrid hours wait. Hoping for good news again, but no we got a kick in the teeth.
Harry had grown 6 new seedling tumours, 2 in his better right eye and 4 in his poorer left. They lasered them hopefully destroying them before they have chance to grow any bigger. The existing tumors still remain inactive, some good news at least. The consultant seemed upbeat and was almost expecting to see this, as it was 2 months since his chemo finished and his eyes and retinas were settling down but not to me.
New tumors are still new tumors and they HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER GROWING IN MY BABY'S EYES so cancer hear this, next time we go in 4wks time you better stay away or you will have his mamma to deal with!!!!!

Despite this, he is still his usually giggly self with his shadow of blonde hair looking a little thicker and now has 2 little peggies. (bitten once ouch). You super little fighter dude Harry xx


  1. I hate BRB with all my heart and soul. It's so not fair that it is invading his eyes like it is. Makes me want to scream and shout and swear - but I know it's pointless.

  2. It's so unfair what you're going through at the moment. Sending big hugs your way xx