Friday, 21 October 2011

tfi friday

Some fab facts about today
1) Its friday
2) Last day of school so no school runs for a week
3) Dan started run of 4 night shifts today so TV, sofa and Bed all to myself.

Matthew is whizzing through is times tables, and got a really good half term report. Clever clever boy, just like his mummy. Madeleine can't wait to go to Matthew's school. Bet she changes her tune come next September when she has to go. William continues to be uber cuddly and sweet and Harry has 2 teeth.

He had a follow up in Manchesterthis week. They were pleased with him and how quickly he seems to have bounced back from his last chemo. His immunity will take 6mths to recover so we still have to watch out for chicken pox and measles, but apart from that his immunisations can re-start. They will see him in 6mths as he will be going to Birmingham every 4weeks for the next god knows how long.
It seems a little strange thinking about chemo in the past, it sometimes only seems like 5mins since 13th april and we had it all to come.You think 'how are we going to cope etc etc' and he we are. It was hard, tear breakingly tough sometimes but we still got through it. I cannot thank enough my family and friends who came through with us. The chemo may be over for now, but we still have the long journey to carry on and next week is creeping nearer and nearer. Please please everyting be okay.

Rachel has a date for her gallbladderectomy, 9th Nov. Reassuringly near, but still horrid for her. Hope she doesnt feel too bad afterwards, Chrimbo wont be that far away and she has to be better for that. She is normal looking again, much to Matthew's disgust. He was most impressed with her yellowness.

Quick thought for Cameron, my friends little boy, who is getting ready for his bone marrow transplant. A tough little cookie who will kick the ass of ALL. I hate Cancer, leave these sweet little children alone!

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