Monday, 4 March 2013

I really should get my backside into gear

Hello Folks,

Here I am, on the eve of my birthday, sitting on my backside doing absolutely nothing. I have already given myself whiplash through nodding off with head resting on hand when it suddenly drops away and its only 9pm.
Dan is on nights tonight and tomorrow, so bang goes my tea being made for me for my birthday. Wait a minute, I don't have it made when he's not on nights so there's not much change there then.
So here I am, writing nonsense when I should be a) doing the washing up, I would let the dishwasher take the strain but I've run out of dishwasher tablets, dang and blast. b) swap the washing into the dryer but that means emptying the dryer which means folding and filling up my empty ironing basket. and that also means going outside to the garage. Its lovely having the laundry equipment outside as you don't have to listen to the racket it makes buts its a complete pain when its pouring down and freezing cold.

So instead, I shall not bother doing either a) or b) and just write this blog page. William gave us a bit of a chuckle yesterday. I was cuddling Harry and he demanded Harry be put down so he could have a cuddle. 'Touch of the green eyes' I said to Dan and William quickfired in 'but my eyes are blue'. So funny. He is looking forward to his adventure. He is coming to Birmingham with us on Thursday. Dan is working and my mum has got a lack of bedspace, plus its a bit too much hard work for her when she's on her own and I don't like asking my dad to take time off work. So Madeleine and Matthew are staying over and William is coming with me. It will be hard work, lugging a buggy, car seat umpteen bags and making sure William stays close but he's excited. I'm not. I would rather give a crocodile a scale and polish than go there. I hope the play therapists will be there to distract William. I cannot let him witness what poor Harry has to go through. It would spoil his adventure.

I suppose it will be a distraction, I am really scared. 8weeks seemed a lifetime away and now its here. The sensible part of me is telling me all will be well again, but the irrational part is in hysterics, certain that something will have grown and beyond the boundaries of the laser. Lets hope the irrational part gets a good kicking!!

Though Harry is being really clumsy at the moment. Its probably him trying to get around quicker but he's constantly bumping and walking into things, his huge black metal playpen getting the most knocks. He must have phenomenal healing powers, as he should be a mass of bruising, but instead the red bump marks disappear overnight. He's started coming to me for a love after a bump now. I think he's getting fed up with it. Its heartbreaking really.

On a plus side, he's really come on in the vocabulary side of things. He's chatting away, much to the delight of his siblings. And as he's still sleeping in our room ( i really need to get the other bunk bed from my friends loft) its really funny listening to him chuntering away to himself. You hear things you must say without realising. He said the other day, 'go for wee wee back in a minute' and I usually say it as I tiptoe past in a morning. Better watch what I say in future lol.

So here's to my last year of my thirties and another good visit to Birmingham. Both will be either really good or really bad. Lets hope its good. Come on Harry, you can do it!!

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