Saturday, 23 February 2013

Half Term Shernanigans

Well, living in the northwest and having to be different from the rest of the country, we have just finished our half term holiday. I think the rest of the country have been back a full week.
Anyway, this year we decided against popping over to the Alps for a little ski break, I just couldn't be bothered packing all the gear, and as we are all capable of going down the black runs it seems a little tame trying something other than Everest.

Well ok, that's an absolute bare faced lie. I neither have the gear or the interest in ski-ing. And I was being honest saying I was capable of going down a black run - flat on my arse!
What can anyone possibly find great about ski-ing?? Being out in that cold white nasty stuff called snow and ice, WHY??? When it snows here, everyone moans and whines about it, so why spend an absolute fortune flying out to more of it??

So, we weren't jetting off for a bit of apres ski. The closest to ski will be a trip to Asda and I will get a 4pack, the French Set style ski yoghurts are my fave.

So what did we do with our week off?


Well of course there was the obligatory ill child - this time it was Matthew. Was a little worried about him, after a few days of saying (in a tone that sounded remarkably like my mum when I was ill) its just a cold, a bit of fresh air will do you good, when he started sleeping constantly I decided to take him to the docs. Result one ear infection and a course of anti-biotics. He's much better but he's still ghostly pale. They all went to the dentist - all have lovely teeth, even Madeleine who seems to eat nothing but sweets lol. Harry was none too impressed, William sat with his mouth so wide open you could see into his lungs, Madeleine stood and opened her mouth for a split second and Matthew was a little star. I am determined my children have no fear of visiting the dentist.


Not wanting to surpass a Riley outing to the dentist, Tuesday dawned with a mass trip to the hairdressers for the half-termly haircuts. I went a bit radical with Madeleine and her scraggy long locks have been replaced with a stylish cute little bob, William and Matthew are sporting short back and sides and Maria (being so loverly) offered to snip the 3 long bits from cherubic Harry's head. Well you would think she'd snipped his ear off. He went bananas and screamed blue murder. He absolutely and completely hates anyone doing anything remotely similar to being held down - must make him think of his traumas in Birmingham. He actually made his first shoe fitting look tame!!


We all went on a family outing - and took Dan's car for its MOT We had genuinely thought it ran out at the end of February, but upon just double checking it ran out on the 9th. Aaarghh, Dan has been driving illegally for over a week. Well as expected as we are extremely lacking in the spare cash market it failed. One hundred and ninety five squid failed.


Family outing again to pick up Dan's heap, sorry I mean car. And as it was a fine sunny day I succumbed to the kids -you promised we could go to the park- whines and took them to Happy Mount Park in Morecambe. It was freezing. Harry was wrapped up in his snowsuit and snuggly asleep inside his footwarmer in his pram, the other kids were running around and playing on the swings, and were complaining they were hot in their coats, and I was stood keeping careful watch over the cherubs, freezing my everything off. I could bare it no longer and as the ice cream van was unsurprisingly not there the bribe of 'you can have an ice-lolly when we get home' worked rather well and we hot footed it back to the warmth of the car.


The final Riley outing of the week was a trip to Asda. Their whines of 'its not fair why do we have to come' were rewarded by their nanna treating them to a trip to the big yellow M eaterie. Yes the highly nutritious Macdonalds. My reward that evening was that Dan started his weekend of night shifts. I had planned on updating my blog this evening, but in usual fashion I fell asleep on one of the sofas, so with a dead arm and pins and needles I dragged myself of to the delights of solitary sleeping with the leccy blanket all to myself!!

So here I sit on this freezing saturday night with a choice of sofas to sit on whilst I update my blog. I am actually sitting in my usual spot, on one half of the sofa, not even stretching out. The 3 youngest Rileys are all snugged up in their beds, the oldest enjoying the last few mins of his Xbox and I can already feel my eyelids taking on their lead load and trying to clamp shut.

BUT I have a lot of blogs to catch up on, I will probably be reading into the early hours. You really should take a peep at my sisters blog, it is a right riveting read. She has a talent for always finding the right words. Go on, take a peep.

Well one of my worst fears happened this week and Harry fell head first off the sofa. The sickening thud was awful, but thankfully he's fine. He has no concept of height/depth so to him just crawling forwards is fine, NOT. I was just out of reach. I usually make him lie on his belly and slither off as soon as he's climbed on (I would rather stop him completely but he needs to learn) but he was off before I could grab him. He didnt half sob, poor little thing. Has it made him stop and think 'don't climb cos I may get hurt?' has it heck. He's been on the sofa more times than I can count. Even I am getting sick of hearing 'Down down Harry' lol

Well its 2 weeks to 2 events, my birthday closely followed by Harry's next EUA. Both I hope will pass by uneventfully. I am absolutely far too old for birthday parties and it brings me a year closer to the naffness of being in my forties. And to be frank, if my fortieth happens in the same way as Rachel's did then I would rather forget it. Still I've got time til I get there. As for Harry's EUA, this will be 8wks since his last. I am still very nervous about this gap, especially as his follow-up letter from the last stated that his next EUA is scheduled for 5-7 weeks. So whilst I fully expect nothing to be there, there is that little part of your mind that starts up the what-if games and mine has started such a game.

Anyway, the half term break is nearly over, I didn't win the lottery tonight but I hit the jackpot every morning when I see the faces of my little angels beaming back at me. No amount of money could buy that.

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