Thursday, 14 March 2013


As the title suggests something fantastic has happened, Harry went to Birmingham and yet again has shown cancer who is boss. He is clear again. Absolutely no sign of regrowth, new tumors or jack-shit. Fandabeedozee.
'Encouraging' the consultant said. Amazing more like.
'He's still very young so we cannot be complacent' he said.
Eh? what was that? I stopped listening after the word clear. I am still smiling the biggest smile. Disney have commissioned me for the new Cheshire Cat.


Ahem, erm where was I? Oh yeah Fandabeedozee. Well I had an extra little guest on our trip, namely next bigger brother William. I knew it would be hard work, as I would be going alone with them both. Danny was at work, so Matthew and Madeleine went to my mums for a sleepover, and now William has outgrown the travelcot and is way too old to sleep in it anyway him sleeping over too would be tricky, lack of beds and it being hard work for my mum as my dad was at work too.

So me, pram, 3 bags, Harry's carseat and 2 kids went to Birmingham. Thankfully the transport provided a carseat for William. Typically it was late, so we didnt actually arrive until teatime. I had promised William he could have his tea in McDonalds (great lol)and he was amazed when his Happy Meal arrived that it was 'exactly the same as at home'.
The novelty soon wore off when back at the hotel. The TV was rubbish, no Nick Jr. The room was like a matchbox, no space to play so at 8pm he declared it was time to put shoes and coat on and go home. I could have easily agreed lol.

Anyway, he awoke in the early hours disorientated, so I snuggled him in with me. Big mistake. I got no sleep and amazingly enough didnt fall out from lying on the 3inches he allowed me to lie on whilst he was spreadeagled. I was such a dur brain I didnt think of moving over to his bed. DOH!

He charmed the pants off all the nurses and was so good, I was so proud of him. He chatted to everyone and made friends with a grandma of another patient. And she bought her grandson some smarties but offered a few to William. I was mortified when he took the packet from her (instead of letting her shake some into his hand) but smiled inwardly when he thanked her.

The play therapists were wonderful with him, and watched over him whilst Harry went about his business. I won't lie, it was both a good and a bad idea him coming. Good in that it provided me with a distraction to what Harry went through and was company in the hotel. Also he got to see what went on each time I disappear off to Birmingham. I don't think he was over impressed really. Bad, in that it was hard work getting everything and everyone to the hospital from the hotel by myself, bad that William was subjected to seeing some of what Harry goes through and that he could see other children enduring cancer treatments. I hope I don't have to take him again, purely for the bad reasons.

So we now have another 8wk holiday til the next visit. Bring it on eh Harry!

My oven has died. Something electrical or other has gone on it. Even my superstar fix everything dad can't fix it. I am fast running out of ideas of what I can cook just using the hob, microwave and slow cooker. The kids are demanding chips! I may even have to buy a deep fat fryer just purely to shut them up.
The heating oil ran out, just as it started snowing again. It took the oil company 3 days to deliver it, despite them assuring us we had been marked as priority as we have young children. I know its not their fault we ran out, and I thank god we decided to put practicality before pride and invest in an electric blanket for the bed. This is something my grandparents had, not us tough it out youngies. But it is heaven, and it is super deluxe with dual controls, a fast 5min heat up, various heat settings with an hour and 9 hour setting and even a warmer part for your feet. GO BUY ONE.

ooh, i am fast falling asleep here and I can hear my electric blanket calling me. Night peeps x

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  1. Thats such good news. I know people that have an Actifryer and they cook all sorts in it not just chips. Hope you get an oven soon.