Sunday, 4 November 2012

things that make you........

well i am going to pinch this first bit from my sisters blog.
10 things that make you smile
1) Harry getting a clear visit
2) remembering how,when little, i used to help my grandad prepare dinner. they had a hot lunch every day. carrot slices went from a slither to an inch thick and he never complained or corrected once. The smile continues for the battle between me and my 2 sisters for the rice pudding dish. it had a bit extra and the yummy caramelised bit baked onto the side of the dish that you could scrape with your spoon. No olympic medal would come anywhere near as a prize!
3) my walk to the cafeteria whilst in the throws of labour with Harry and Rachel decided to tell me the tale of self brazilian waxes using always ultra. I literally wet myself laughing, as some more 'water' was forced out as I was bent double laughing. All this happened on a stair case and a couple legged it thinking I was about to give birth. Same smile for midwife rachel locking herself in the bathroom, don't think she mentioned that one!
4) my Christmas tree
5) my children, especially stand up comedian Matthew..
6) i still laugh out loud even now at his serious view on one legged people hopping and getting tired (see a previous entry for the full tale) i laughed so much I had to stop the car
7) having dad look after us in the school holidays, we had ace days out to timber mills, scrap yards, garages, river banks and we always got sweets
8) being the first to step in fresh snow
9) the smile on my kiddlies faces when they see me as they come out of school
10) Harry getting a clear visit! and seeing as i can't have eleven my wonderful born in jan friends xx

It's sometimes easy to forget to smile. Harry has had a hat trick of clear visits and you feel that people get a little complacent, that they think he's cured. But yet still I have to every month take him into theatre and hold him down whilst he fights against the anaesthetic. I still have to hope he comes round ok, I still have the mental torture waiting to be told the news, and whether its good news or not I still have to go through it all again the next month. That's just what I have to go through. Imagine it from poor Harry's perspective, and as he gets older it gets worse as he knows whats coming. He suffers evil nasty eye drops, a general anaesthetic, needles, laser treatment and painful bloodshot eyes afterwards. Would you go through all that and still smile?

Anyway, I've been contacted by Cancer Research UK press office who want to feature Harry in some publicity. Harry won one of their Little Star awards last year, so they will probably want to follow it up. Am not sure what to do, am all for raising awareness but do I really want our life to be put into the public eye? I've agreed to speak to them to find out what it will entail and will go from there.

I have written this post using my sort of christmas present. Its a wonderful amazing Kindle Fire. It is brilliant, thank you Danny. It transferred all my photos from facebook and I came across my all time favourite one of Matthew. He was just about to finish nursery, i hope it pastes on here ok.

What makes you smile?


  1. That is a lovely photo, he looks such a happy boy.

  2. I apologise profusely but in trying to publish a comment left by Cameron, my fat fingers hit delete instead. Please get back in touch if you see this x