Sunday, 18 November 2012

There's no stopping him now

Well Harry had found his feet a wee while ago and was daring to step a few steps by himself.
He's now quite happy plodding across the room, typical 'baby-learning-to-walk' pose with arms in air and his usual grin on his face. He's so proud of himself.
There's just a slight (well major) snag. Anything on the floor is an instant trip hazard and yes I know this is the same for any baby learning to walk but he doesnt see something the size of a cushion and promptly falls over it. He's got plenty of bruises, and I'm waiting for the inevitable whack as his head meets with something hard. But it doesn't seem to put him off, if anything he's more determined and gets back up and off he goes again. The physio is coming on Tuesday, if she's not pleased I'll eat my hat!!!
He's chatting away quite coherently now (well his dad would disagree) and has now got quite a big vocabulary. He's counting to six, and trying to get to ten. He just smiles all the time and its wonderful.

Well he doesnt smile all the time, last week he caught the strange virus the others had, and spent 4 days trying to shrug off 39+ temperatures. He was a bit sorry for himself and wanted lots of mummy cuddles, which I obliged with absolute pleasure. Its the first time (apart from a one day vomiting bug) he's had a temperature since finishing chemo. It was quite nice not having to panic and pack the bags for the inevitable minimum 2 day stay in Manchester on antibiotics whilst the found the cause of the infection which would have happened on when he was on chemo. Do I miss those days? Absolutely NOT.

Well to further Harry proof our living room and to make things a little safer for him. We swapped our lovely glass TV unit for a fabuloso solid Oak wide TV unit. Okay, the bangs will hurt just the same but we don't have the worry of the glass shattering and the TV toppling down on top of him. Plus he can't get behind it now so those little chubby hands can't feel the wires and give them a good tug and again avoid pulling something on top of him. Our hard gaming chair has been replaced by a soft brown leather bean bag, so his head bangs onto something soft whilst crawling and to finish the room off, we had the sofa's steam cleaned, well the arms anyway. I just bunged the cushion and seat back covers in the washer (despite the labels saying Never do this) and it looks like new.

Just under 2 weeks and we'll be back in Birmingham. I'm sure all will be well, Harry's proving too much of a tough cookie for this cancer lark, and it will be a quick in-out and off we go home. There's the consultants comments from last time weighing slightly heavy that there's some areas they're concerned about so he's not out of the woods, but hopefully it won't amount to anything. I'm getting too used to having clear visits now and nice 5week breaks between appointments. Maybe its complacency and I'll get a rude awakening one day, but for now clear visits are fine.

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