Saturday, 24 March 2012

Time Flies and we've had so much fun

I can't believe yet again I've left it so long since my last blog update, time really does fly.
I've enjoyed a lovely mothers day since then, with the most wonderful homemade cards from the kids, by far better than any shop bought card. I was also treated to a huge box of thorntons choccies, which my 3 older angels decided to instil the meaning of sharing and promptly ate most of them, I ate 6 of my fave's all at once and felt a little sicky but they were mine!!

A humorous story from Matthew, which nearly caused me to swerve off the road as I stifled laughter.
On the way home from school, one day last week, he calmly asked if I had any white mice. I was a little puzzled, did he mean the chocolate mice I sometimes get from Asda?? So I asked him, mice? what do you mean??
Camerons mum (one of his best mates from school) has white mice, and he told us that women can sometimes have blood down er er (pointing downwards) and the white mice stop it. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR, I sniggered all the way home, and I truthfully told him I don't have mice, well not right at that minute. I so couldnt wait for school the next day to inform Cam's mum what delightful tales her little treasure was telling. She was, as to be expected, slightly embarrassed. He had demanded to know what her Tampax was, whilst shopping in Sainsburys and as he read aloud the blurb on the box she decided to tell him in a round about way what they were for to shut him up. Well it didnt work, and now the entire yr3 and 4 know what her 'White mice' are for. Still sniggering.
Its a real dang when your 7yr old can read everything. Glad Matthew hates shopping.

Harry is gaining in strength everyday, and can now sit up with ease with an air of 'ta dah' as he does it. He remains commando style when crawling, and loves being on his feet. He whacked his head a few times, especially when turning to the left, don't think he has much sight if any in that eye. He was sitting playing with one of his toys and I covered his left eye, didnt murmur or bat an eyelid. Covered his right and he didnt like it, kept trying to look round it and pull it off. But he is so snuggly and cuddly and now says 'all gone' when his foods all gone. Uber sweet. He gets giddy at the sound of the microwave pinging, he knows grubs on its way. Must be confusing when its made fresh and it just appears without the ping.

William loves going to school with Madeleine on friday, I was reminded that William needs to learn his letter sound rather than its name, ie not Ay Bee Cee Dee but they are rather blown away that he can point out all the letters of the alphabet and can count to 30. Especially as he's only 2. Heavens sake, he goes to play not to do his SATS. Madeleine has started being really clingy and crying when I drop her off, which is a little puzzling, school have assured that nothing has happened cos she mainly plays by herself. Now that is heartbreaking too, poor Madeleine. Just a phase I hope, she's ok at home and has told me schools ok, and everytime I pick her up she's always had a good time.

Latest piccie, shows my eldest and youngest angel enjoying a cuddle. Matthew loves Harry to the point of smothering him, I love all my kids, they'e the best.


  1. Arh love the blog so amazing & how funny is the white mice story haha love the pic of your boys ao gorgeous xxx

  2. I really laughed about the microwave ping. Hope its lovely and sunny where you are.