Wednesday, 14 March 2012

a break at last ...

Well, Harry's left eye must have been jealous of the goody right eye and decided to play ball this time.... we have no new growth in either eye. That makes it 3 visits for the right, and the first for the left. Happy???? you bet.

Well, cautiously optimistic. Consultant re-iterated not to build up hopes too high as the next visit may be different and they are still concerned about the patch on his left eye over the optic nerve. I get the feeling it could still be tumour tissue but its appearance remains unchanged. They say it COULD be scarring from chemo but they can't be sure as it also has appearance of tumour tissue too, and as the optic nerve is the pathway out of the eye, we obviously don't want it to even think about creeping along the nerve.So despite this, we still have to go back in 4wks time.

But still, no new growth is fantastic and we will take this anyday. It meant we had a super quick getaway and I was home in time to collect Matthew from school.

Also some fabulous news for Kyle, Harry's big buddy who's also giving this RB cancer a run for its money, his right eye is behaving and they don't want him back for 7 weeks. Way to go Kyle, we're so pleased for you.

Sending hugs to little Macey too, who seems to be suffering from the chemo, but Harry and Kyle are blowing their magic your way and hopefully you'll pick up soon x

Some friends offered us their cotbed thinkin we needed one for Harry (god knows what they were thinking i was sleeping him in) so as William is on the brink of moving out of the cot we decided we'd give it to him and then convert it into the bed for him.

I sadly dismantled the lovely cot my sister Rachel lent me when we had Matthew. Its still in amazing condition despite being 18yrs old. The cotbed is massive, it also doesnt have dropsides so when I tried to make the mattress up, I almost fell in (being of short stature with almost non-existent legs) so am thinking I might turn it into a bed sooner rather than later, as gently placing a sleeping William into it will never happen, more like freefall and needing a parachute poor lamb.

Harry can now sit himself up, has got 2 new teeth on the bottom (grand total 8) and can clap and just about pulled himself onto his feet using the little grippy piping we have on the settee cushions. He probably would have got there had William not peeled his fingers off saying 'dont touch settee'
I must take some pics, but for those who havent seen earlier posts and need a Harry fix ( apologies to you who have seen this one but who cares)

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  1. Absolutely brill news I cried with joy when I read it on your Twitter. Yes do need Harry pic fix but that one is beautiful so don't mind seeing it again & again. Big hugs to Harry & family xx