Saturday, 10 March 2012

GI Harry


He can crawl commando style, just like Matthew and Madeleine did. Its a day I didnt think we'd see, he seemed quite content to roly poly. I will get a piccie and post in due course. But way to go Harry. Its also proved his left eye is poor as he turned and whacked his head on the hugest biggest black chair, and he obviously didnt see it. Prob won't be the last of the bumps and if Lynne is right, he should learn the room layout quite quickly once he's moving and bumps should become less frequent. Just don't go moving things round.

Well tomorrow is almost here, and my darling sis couldnt be persuaded to feel a bit ill on Monday and come with me. I only jokingly asked, I could never expect her to do that, but am looking forward to meeting Rachel my twitter friend.

Will update on Monday with hopefully the good news from his EUA.


  1. Go Harry go! Awww I love their little diapered butts when they crawl about.

  2. Good luck for Monday will be thinking of you & Harry xx