Wednesday, 28 August 2013

School holidays love em or hate em....

It has been debated for as long as I've been aware of what the '6 week holiday' is, that 6 weeks is just far too long. Those that want it shortening are probably a mixture of non-child people who are sick of tripping over them wherever they go and exasperated parents who have run out of great ideas for the long hot sunny days, okay the long wet dank days that seem to stretch out forever. I think I am somewhere in the middle.

Lets look at some of the pros ...

I love the fact there is no school runs to do, and the fuel costs I save are brill.

I get to have MY children all day long. Why should school see them more than I do? Did they go through the agony of childbirth and sleepless nights? I didnt do all that just to see them for a few waking hours a day.

I don't have to iron school uniform.

Meals can be eaten when and where we like.

Reading is for fun than a chore.

Times tables ... erm what are those again?

I can plan a day out without thinking 'i need to be back for 3 to pick the kids up'

The kids start talking about Christmas as thats the next big event on their horizon (plus kids TV is inundated with toy adverts)

Okay so there must be some cons..

The savings I made on the fuel costs are obliterated into a loss making position through the constant trips to Asda to stock up the cupboards. The kids graze all day long, state a zillion times a day that they're starving and just eat constantly.

The smug smile I had on my face at the beginning of the holidays (as I got to the school uniform stands first and got everything ready) is wiped off with a flourish as nothing will fit as they have grown in gigantic proportions due to above constant grazing!

They talk about Christmas.

There are only so many rainy day activities before the words 'I'm bored' are uttered.

I get to iron piles of non uniform stuff.

I start to wish the kids back to school as they are in dire need of getting back into a routine.

I cannot be in four places all at once.

It sounds like I have lots of cons but to be honest I love having my children with me. To be able to see them smile and listen to them chatter (and bicker) is wonderful and I am so thankful I am a stay at home mum that even on the days they are at school I have them with me up to the minute the school bell goes and from the minute they are let out at the end of the school day. I cannot imagine not seeing their face break out into a smile just for mum when they see you as they come through the school door.

This 6 week holiday is tinged with a little sadness, as I have to let another angel go to school. William is so excited to be going to big school, he has only been 4 for a couple of weeks but he's such a little character I don't think he'll struggle too much with children who could be nearly a full 12mths older than him.

But love em or loath them it is one of 3 things in a childs life they can't wait for. Birthday, Christmas and 6 week holiday. And to deny them one of these would be downright cruel. Lets hope the bigwigs don't get their way and the 6 weeks hols are here to stay.

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