Tuesday, 6 August 2013

4 is the new 3!

Well it's been 4 years growing the little baby to the bundle of mischief and he's been desperate to get to today. William turned 4 in the early hours of the morning and he is glad to see the back of being 3, cos it's rubbish so he says.

I cannot believe where the past 4 years have gone. William didn't really get much of a break as a baby, he was only 18myths old when Harry was born and he lost out to lots of mummy time as a young toddler because of me needing to be with Harry throughout his treatment yet William has grown and blossomed into a wonderful and clever little boy who makes me laugh daily.

Happy 4th birthday sweet William xxx love you so much xxx

Less than a week to Harry's next eua. William doesn't know it yet but he's coming with me again, but this time we will have hanty raychul with us, so I am sure it will end up as fun.

I don't know if fate is starting to raise its head, but Danny had tooth ache again (on the opposite side to last time) and yes I dared to suggest the dentist resulting in my head being bitten off. Must learn not to be so helpful!

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  1. 4 is definitely a good age, vintage year in my book.