Wednesday, 31 July 2013

have you missed me?

31st MAY?????????????????????????

OMG that is so long ago and despite me vowing not to leave it so long, I've just gone and done it again. Completely unintentional, but I will try and do a 2 month update.


One reason I failed to blog in June was down to my OH. I usually enjoy the blissdom of him working nights so I get to blog away without interruption. But at the beginning of June he complained of toothache. He has a mortal fear of dentists, and I tried my hardest to be sympathetic but on it went.

Well after a few days his mouth started to swell and I tried to be helpful and suggest a wee trip to the dentist may be required, but he decided to smile (well half smile) nicely to a doc at A&E and ask for antibiotics whilst working a day shift. Said antibiotics were given along with some powerful painkillers, so hopefully the externally visible swelling could come down. Think its an abscess, said the doc. I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR DAYS it may need draining said the doc. OH decided to see how the land lied at the end of the seven day course. Whilst trying to smile and be nice I was actually thinking FFS no FFFFFFFFS just go to the effin dentist. A mere suggestion of this resulted in my head being bitten off. Get on with it, but you better be better cos i am off Birmingham.

Sub header Birmingham

Last time we were told a patch looked a little different and it would be prudent to have him back in 4 weeks to check, just in case.
So here we were, 4 weeks later and off to Brum we went. Harry went down to theatre and I had several begging texts from OH to please ring the dentist for me, I am in agony. Its swelling up again. Alas poor OH (he is such a baby at speaking on the phone to anyone) he had to ring the emergency dentist himself. I sniggered a little.
Anyway, Harry came out of theatre, a little slower than usual, his heart and SATS werent playing ball but eventually Oxygen won and he woke up. Great news was the patch hadnt changed since the May visit so we can go back to an 8 week gap.
M6 journey north was plagued with 'feel-sorry-for-myself-texts' and I wasnt really relishing getting home, but home I got to the pathetic sight of OH laid on the sofa, the house in an absolute mess, the kids unfed and running riot. I was chuntering under my breath, really not that impressed thinking GOD WHEN I AM ILL I STILL HAVE TO GET ON WITH IT until I looked at him properly then OMFG. He looked like a grapefruit had been shoved inside his cheek. His face was so swollen and distorted it was unreal. OK I relented a little bit and felt a little bit sorry for him, BUT IF YOU'D GONE TO THE DENTIST A WEEK AGO LIKE I'D SAID YOU WOULDNT BE IN THIS POSITION!

HE got an emergency appointment for 8pm that night, so my mum and dad agreed to come back whilst I took him.
He went and dentist sent him to A&E as the xray showed up a large lower mandibular cyst, quite rare but in need of attention asap.
Well to cut a long story short, I left a&e at 3am!!! IV ANTIBIOTICS and fluids and a 3 day nil by mouth wait til finally he went to theatre, a 2hr operation and a cyst,wisdom tooth and abscess removed and drained.

In his week long stay I looked after the kids and visited him twice a day, when I'd had the kiddies I was lucky to get a single visit as he couldn't possibly look after children and visit me.

Anyway he was off work pretty much the whole of June. He was a terrible patient, and I swore to God if I heard him say "if you'd been through what I've been through" any more I would take the frying pan and smack it over his head. I was absolutely elated when he returned to work right at the end of June. We miss daddy said the kids often, I don't, I thought to myself lol.


Now Mr Riley was safely back in work, we had the joys of school dwindling to the end of term. Well in Matthews case he's had a pretty rubbish year3 and 4 and so I was looking forward to him moving into the top class where a strict teacher with good reports would await him. Madeleine played an excellent flower in her production and Matthew was a fab prop man in bugsy malone. We got their end of year reports, and shockingly Matthews had lots of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in it. What made it more incredible was that his teacher had commented that Matthew needed to pay more attention to avoid silly mistakes. HAR HAR BLOODY HAR!

Well school then dropped the bombshell bombshell on the penultimate day, they had no idea who would be taking the top class. WTF!
After a day discussing why quernmore had gone down the pan we decided to make the tough decision and move schools.
They will all start at st Paul's in the village in Septem
ber. The pro's by far outweigh the cons.
1) we can walk it in 5 mins rather than a 10min car journey
2) I will subsequently save lots of money in fuel and thus be a more greener person
3) William will start school with his best mate
4) it has a better classroom structure
5) it is just better for the children

The main con is I will have to buy 3 sets of new uniform and the kids will miss their mates.

So the school hols have started with apprehension and excitement. A new start (and we weren't the only ones pulling their kids out of quernmore) we have enjoyed some lovely weather, had picnics and playdays in the park and a birthday to plan. William will turn 4 on the 6th August. It doesn't seem fair that 3 weeks later he will start school. Harry is back in Birmingham on the 11th August.

just turn your mind back to the "patch" they referred to. Well it wasn't just a patch that had changed appearance. It was one of the large primary tumours in his left eye! I found this out from the follow up letter.there's always a surprise in there. We will see what happens on the 11th.

I had intended to post some pics but my laptop started behaving badly, and I thought it better to finish the post on my's taken ages due to the stupid keyboard and one finger typing. So I will stop now and blog again real soon xxx love you all xx


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  1. You have had a lot on, to put it mildly. Hope you can manage to have some more calmer weeks ahead.