Saturday, 25 May 2013

This time 9 years ago....

I was a mum of none, or technically a mum to be. I wasn't supposed to be in Labour as I still had 6 weeks to go til my due date but in labour I was.

Rewind a couple of days and I had just been to my first parentcraft lesson, labour wasn't really discussed but that didn't matter I still had weeks to go. The next day was my last day at work, I had saved all my annual leave so I was looking forward to catching up with loads of ppl before the baby came. The Sunday aft I went to the pub with Dan and it was really warm ( yes I know may at the mo is decidedly chilly) but I thought euwww I am really sweaty down below. Woke up Monday morn to Dan stating you have wet the bed!

Oh fan bloody tastic, my waters I thought so I rang the hosp and was told to bob down and get checked out. So down I bobbed, they scanned me and said o had plenty of water and go home but ring back next day if I still thought water was leaking. Next day (9yrs ago today) I rang back and said yup, still leaking. Bob down again they said, so down I drove, round the car park a zillion times for a parking space, 3hrs ticket cos I will prob be going home again and in I went.

The midwife was astounded I had driven and was told I wouldn't be going home cos a)my waters were deffo leaking b) my blood pressure was sky high and a c-sec the next day was probably likely cos baby was 6weeks early.

Cue some dragging of other half from ambulance duties to remove my car within the next hour so not to get a ticket, then go home to get my bag (cos I seriously thought I would be sent home again) and the wait.

Well only having the one parentcraft lesson I was a little naive in what the onset of labour would be like. Baby was back to back so the severe back ache that kept coming and going was because of that so I didn't mention to midwife or ask for pain relief, when it started to really hurt round the front I tried to breathe and sleep through cos I knew I would have the baby the next day anyway.

Anyway I gave in and asked the midwife for some paracetamol, ha ha so she politely asked why hadn't I mentioned I was in pain and thought it best to check me over first.

"oh my god you are 7cm dilated and you are only now asking for pain relief" !!!!!

Think she was a little shocked, well I didn't know I was in labour.

To cut the next part short, the time til delivery took ages as baby was back to back and not budging despite mammoth pushing on my part, I was tiring rapidly and 7am the next morning the consultant decided to extract one stubborn baby rapidly, no time for theatre I was for a while an extra in a slasher movie yuk, forceps went in (Danny nearly passed out) baby was turned using said forceps and then yanked out. Our beautiful tiny baby boy Matthew was born. I couldn't sit down for weeks, needed physio cos of the delivery and spent 2 wks in hospital with Matthew in special care but he was here safe.

What was funny, on my first outing into town so I could proudly push my lovely new pram I bumped into a fellow Mum from the parentcraft group who was still pregnant. She was a little jealous as she still had a week to go, I should have had 3.

Having Matthew put me into an exclusive group of special people called mummies. It changed my life and I love every minute of it. Having him so early and in such a horrific way in the end only made me realise how strong I am. I delivered him with no pain relief, had more stitches than a c-sec and had to watch him whilst in special care without being able to hold him. I would have beaten Mike Tyson any day to protect him and I loved being a mummy so much I went on and had 3 more angels.

Little did I know 9 years ago I would have to draw on that strength in the years to come to help one of those angels fight the fight of his life. 9 years ago as I gazed at Matthew something inside clicked into place and I knew that come what may I would do anything for my children.  Nothing else in life would matter.
But sadly despite having the strength of an ox and wanting to do anything for my children I cannot take away Harry's plight but I will jolly well help him all I can, I will help all of them. It is my job as a mummy to make sure my children grow and achieve their maximum potential for as long as they need me. And as I still need my mum I don't think my job will stop any time soon.

So this time 9 years ago I was on the brink of accepting my new job, one that has the biggest reward package one that I wouldn't change for the world so I thank you Matthew for starting me on my new career path, and I wish you the happiest birthday you could ever have x

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