Monday, 10 December 2012

Its beginning to feel just a little bit like Christmas

Now we have got the trip to the dreaded Birmingham out of the way and knowing Harry is still stable we could turn our thoughts to Christmas.
The wooden, eco-friendly, re-usable Advent calendars were brought out and filled with chocolate and whilst feeling in the Christmas spirit I decided to put up the tree and decorations.
Its either a job you love or hate and sometimes I feel both. But this year, I was bang in the mood so up the tree went.

And so the finished product.

I love just having the tree lights on at night time, it makes everything seem a bit more magical. I blitzed the santa shopping and just need to wrap it all if I can dare brave the cold going to the garage to get it all. Not much room for hiding things, especially from one 8yo who is seriously doubting the existence of Santa. His mind is too logical, like what is the point of toy shops if santa brings everything, why have I got rolls of wrapping paper if santa brings everything, and how can one person do everything and magic is just an illusion not reality.

Still the middle two are giddy with excitement, and Harry just trots around saying mismas.
Its going to be lovely, the kids will love their gifts, and danny will enjoy the chaos as he is not working this year and to top if off Harry doesnt have to go to Birmingham til the New Year. Simply perfect!

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