Saturday, 8 December 2012


I am very sorry I have not updated for an age. Everytime I sit down to do it, one of the angels demands my time and it goes out of the window.

Firstly, harry had a clear visit again, which was amazing. It means we do not have to go back until the new year so we can enjoy Christmas without the gloom of new tumors hanging over us. This makes it 4 consecutive visits now, and whilst not being complacent, am quietly cautiously optimistic that when harry turns the magical 2 in January and when retina growth starts to slow down that we may have turned round a corner to winning this fight.
Mind you, there are plenty of families who thought the same and relapse, regrowth and new growth started so thats why I am not being complacent.

Madeleine is much better after a nasty ear infection which ended up perforating her eardrum. It must have been agony for her, and I wasnt impressed with school leaving her to cry assuming she was just missing mummy who was in Birmingham with harry.
I have to keep it dry for 6 wks whilst it heals. That will be fun washing her hair. She could also get recurrent ear infections too. Grr winter bugs.

Xmas is just round the corner. My cards are written, my tree and decorations are up (will post a pic separately) just need to sort the mountain of gifts I need to get. You can bet that as I have left it so late it will he sold out locally so I will have to trek out to the toy superstore. Oh well it wouldnt be Christmas without a little stress.

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