Monday, 15 September 2014

A busy week

Well Monday dawned and all across the village several whoopee doo yells could be heard. Yes it was back to school day. It was also harry's first full day at preschool. He does a full day on a Monday, weds and Fri morning. So as you can see from the pic, they were all dressed in their uniforms and off they went. Back to normality, back to routine and back to not being able to empty the kitchen cupboards in a flash.
I miss them terribly, but I have to be honest and say I am mighty glad they are back so they can stop eating not stop. It was utter bliss not to hear the words "I'm starving" constantly.

Well Monday for harry went quite well. He was tired but seemed happy. Come to drop him off on Wednesday and he sobbed and begged to stay with mummy. Hmm, don't like this. He usually trots in Ok. He was peeled off me, but was fine after a few minutes after I'd left. He was the same on Friday, and even worse today. It's heartbreaking at the time but to give in will make it even harder next time. Perseverance is the key here. As my mum always told me "you'll enjoy it when you get there". Still heartbreaking though.

Matthew went off to scout camp on Friday for the first time. He had a whale of a time, was filthy and shattered and was pleased as punch with his walking stick he'd whittled and carved. Hmm don't tell daddy but he'd borrowed his grandads penknife and carved his stick himself. Can just hear the Omg from Mr riley. Well what he doesn't know won't hurt him as they say.

And finally a little giggle on Williams behalf. His homework this week was to fill in an information sheet about himself, drawing pictures of his family, saying what he likes etc. Well in typical William fashion he demanded to do it all by himself and off he went. His spelling was amazing considering he was only 5 a few weeks ago but what me laugh was the question that asked "is there anything that concerns you?" and he wrote beautifully "going upside down"

Not sure where that fits into the curriculum.

Have great week x

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